D-Public's Log

Well…I changed the focus of this log…so, check the latest page…

I lift at home. I have a rack, bands,and a shitty pully system lol. But, Its good enough for now.

My training routine is DeFranco and westside influenced. I train 4 times a week. I train with my younger stronger brother(18yrs old) twice a week on max effort days. this was our first ME Upper body workout this monday.

Floor Press - i worked up to 205x5,215x3
My brother did 275x5,285x4…

We forgot to do some kind of supplemental exercise here with tricep emphasis…I want to to do some kind of weighted pushup here or some kind of partial bench variation for 3-4 sets of 5-10 rep…next week i wont forget though

Inverted Rows - last week I did cable rows, but i wanted to switch it up…i did 7,7,5 with just bodyweight…I think next week I am going to try to hit a total number instead of sets…next week my goal is going to be to hit 30 reps with as many sets as possible…I suck at these…

Face Pulls - 50lbs…my pully system is shit, so the weights are really not comparable to a regular cable…I did 4 sets with around 15 reps each

Shrugs - 225 3x10
Next week I am going to push these a lot harder…i just cruised through these basically

Ez Bar Curl - 70lbs 10,8,6

my curl strength is pretty bad…nuff said…

i did YTWL complex after this

This workout was kind of weak to me…Next week, we are stepping up the intensity…

Tuesday…Lower body Dynamic Day

My brother doesn’t train with me this day…

I did some foam rolling and mobility work before the workout…when i first did the foam roll a couple weeks ago, it was really painful lol…my IT band was extremely painful hahha…the pain is almost gone now though…

Dynamic Exercise - i did some broad jumps…about 6-7 sets of 2 jumps…I am actually a very good jumper…even at 250lbs and fat i could touch a basketball rim easily…

Reverse Lunge - BAR…yes the bar…I have problems maintaining my balance with this exercise for some reason…i’m getting better though…next week i will add some weight…i did 4 sets of 8 on each leg

RDL - 185lbsx5x8reps…i could have went up here as well, but I need to drill my form down on this exercise…I have flexibility issues cause my hamstrings are beyond tight which causes me to round my low back…hopefully, I can add some real weight on these soon…

reverse crunch - 3x10…i held a 20lb weight behind my head to counter weight me…I think i am going to do 5 sets next week

this workout was pussy too…but at least my technique and flexibility are improving…

Thursday I’m going all out…

RE Upper

Elevated Push up - BW x 28,19,18
90 sec rest

Rack Chins - BWx8, BWx8, 10x6, 20x9, 30x2
I had trouble setting up for this…but next time i will get it right…

Band Pull aparts - 15,15,15

High Incline Shoulder Press - 95x8, 115x8, 135x8
don’t really know where i stand on this exercise since i never did it before…

Overhead Shrugs - barx10, 65x9, 65x10
these are more for prehab then strength

Incline DB Curl - 30x9, 40x7, 40x6
i think my bicep strength is getting better…

YTWL db complex on a bench…5lbs…my rotator cuff is very weak…i need to bring it up to par…

today was ok…i was kind of pissed i couldn’t get my form down on the rack chins…I still need to step up the intensity…tomorrow should be good…it’s deadlift day

ME Lower

Sumo Deads(Reset Each Rep)

worked up to 335x3, 355x1
on the third rep of 275 during warmup…i felt a sharp pain on the left side of my lower back…I think I may have rounded foward or something…i literally couldn’t bend over without pain…i just put on a belt and kind of worked through it, but i really couldn’t handle my normal weight…For reference, a couple months ago, i did 335x15 in conv. stance…

I think i’m going to just do Conv. deadlifts next friday…I just can’t get the Sumo Form down…it feels so unnatural to me compared to conventional stance…

my brother did 365 for an easy triple…his form is terrible though…he could easily hit 405 for a triple with shit form…We are both going to work on our form…I think we are going to do Conventional stance next week…hopefully my back heals up…it feels terrible right now…

after deads I did…

DB Step ups

Band Goodmornings
4 sets of 10

Reverse Crunches
5 sets of 10
these are getting a lot easier…

Intensity was good for deads today…accessory work was kind of tame due to my injury…Hopefully next week, I will be able to do some real weight…this week kind of sucked lol

damn i posted twice…

oh well

heres what i ate so far

3 eggs
2 clementines
protein drink

6 oz chicken breast
1 cup broccoli
1 large apple
1 tsp fish oil

6 oz chicken breast
1 cup broccoli
Clementines and some pineapple
1 tsp fish oil

preworkout - protein drink
postworkout - protein drink plus bannana

6 oz chicken breast
1 cup broccoli
1 cup black beans and rice

I tried cooking black beans yesterday, but they took too long so i saved them and cooked them today…i did a good job…very good…

imma have a hamburger and some more black beans and rice…and then a low carb meal before bed

aight sons…

i was video taping my form…i think i got it down…im changing my routine regardless though…i think i can make it better…i’ll talk about that later…

heres a pic of my curl form…“Invisible Curls Redefining Intensity”

heres my legs progress hahha…i had to edit my face out…check out my abs though…

my left scapula looks f’d up…

aight well i decided to move to a more basic program…I was thinking about training and progression and the simplicity of everything, and i realized i was wasting a lot of time doing useless exercises…im still doing prehab and mobility work, but its not really part of my main workout…

so heres my new program…Revised it on march 09





I think i can push myself harder on this program since the exercises are easier to progress on…im going to just ramp the weight up on all exercises every set working up to a heavy set…that way i can really push everything…i might switch some exercises if i stall…but this program looks better to me…

this workout was good…My theory towards my new training is pretty simple now. I just do exercises that will help my main lifts and try to progress on them. If I stall I plan to just switch up the exercises.

My program looks pretty solid except I will probably do a couple more accessory exercises on the actual days. Also, I will probably do push presses or power jerks on Thursday and replace dips with seated DB shoulder press or seated high incline press on thursday. Everything else looks fine though.

Today I did…

Bench - worked up to 205x5
5th rep was kind of hard. I have a feeling this will go up though.

Dips - BWx6,BWx8,10x5,10x5
I did these on two chairs with weights placed on them, so they wouldn’t move. It worked fine.I think it is comparable to dips on dip bars.

Inv. Rows - 9,9,6,3,4
All body weight.

Face Pull - worked up to 70x10
pully system is terrible…there is friction on the cable…i think i need to put grease or something to make it slide better

Band Face Pulls - light band for tons of sets…this was better than the cable…i think i may just do band face pulls if i cant fix the cable…

YTWL complex - 5lbs
for shoulder health

Good session…this program is a lot better for me…

I went light today

i did squats 225 for a couple sets and reps…

and worked up to bb curls - 105x6
and some db curls after that

called it a day…next week i will do legs proper…

Did a general warm-up and some thoracic extensions on a foam roller.

Flat Bench - worked up to 185x10, 185x10

Close Grip Bench - 155x10, 155x7

Incline Bench - 135x10, 135x5

Inverted Row - BW x 10,9,8,5

Cable Row - 4 sets

Band Face Pulls - 5 sets

Did this.

earlier today, i did squats, but I reinjured my back on my third work set…in the same spot …sucks…

after that i couldn’t do anything really so i did biceps…

BB curl - worked up to 105x8
DB curl - 40x11
I don’t have DBs higher than 40, so i guess ill find a new exercise…probably incline DB since its slightly harder…

I have decided to get off the diet…I can’t maintain my training intensity eating so little…I’m hitting around 3600-4000 cals now…

i plan to train again today since i didn’t really do shit earlier…the workout i do will be the same workout i do every squat and deadlift day for 12 weeks from here on out…

ok i did…

RDL - 135x10, 155x10, 185x10, 205x10

Goodmornings - 135x10,145x10,155x10

Band Pullthroughs - dont remember what i did but i did the green band…i will probably try to hit 100 reps in as many sets for a specific band…so friday i will try to hit green for a 100…and then move on to blue…

My ROM is pretty bad on rdl and GM because my hamstrings are incredibly tight which is why im having back problems…but over time i expect to gain ROM on the lifts…and hopefully fix my back…

In addition to strengthening my glutes and hamstrings, I’m foamrolling and stretching my quads and hip flexors…

and maybe i will add in a unilateral quad movement in 6 weeks or so…depends on my progress…we’ll see

BTN Press(seated no back support)

DB Shoulder Press
dont have dbs higher than 40 at home, so i will just take this exercise out…

High Incline Press(almost 90 degrees)
95x10,105x10, 135x8
need to hit this harder…

EZ Bar Tricep Extension
i’ll probably hit a set before 70 next time(60lbs)…

Lat Pulldown
135x10, 185x10,205x10, 225x10
its plate loaded so i just count 2 plates per side as 225…I know its probably 45lbs less than that though…

BB Row
this was pretty light…i probably did more than 12 on all of them…

this workout was weak to me…i feel ashamed i’m so weak…I’m going to hit these exercises as hard as possible for the next 12 weeks…

RDL - 135x10,155x10,185x10, 205x10

GM - 135x10,145x10, 155x10

my ROM is improving…so, i finally have some success…i plan to add 10lbs every week to these…

Band Pullthrough - AVG bandx25,25,25,25
next week…i’ll use the blue band

DB Incline Curl - 30x10, 40x10
biceps are getting stronger…i may just hit the 40s for high reps since i don’t have higher…

I’m going to do some ab work later tonight…

also my body weight has actually go down despite the fact that i’m eating more which is good…and although my lifts are improving…i want to put up some respectable numbers soon…because this thread disgusts me…so weak

Bench - worked up to 195x3, 195x3, 205x2, 205x2

Foamroller Press - 205x3, 205x3, 215x3, 225x3, 225x3, 235x2

DB Rolling Ext. - 30x10, 40x9, 40x8

Band Pushdowns - 5 sets

Inv. Rows - BW x 12, 12, 8

Today was the first day in years that I felt like I actually trained my bench properly. I stopped caring about programs and percentages, and I just listened to my instincts and let them guide me. I picked weights that were heavy, yet I felt I could hit them. If I feel good one day, I might hit a heavy single. If I feel bad one day, I might do less work. I will probably do slightly more work next time, but I like training bench like this.

Time to eat some burgers now…

Front Squat - 205x2, 205x3, 205x3, 215x2, 215x2, 225x2, 245x1

My back can handle front squats. I do them using straps. I suggest anybody who has difficulty with fronts to use straps. I probably won’t back squat for awhile. I guess my new goal is to become the front squat king lol. I got a long way to go though.

RDL - 135x10, 185x10, 225x10
ROM has improved a lot, and 225 was pretty light. I don’t see any reason to push the weight though when i’m still working on my ROM.

Band Pullthroughs - Blue Band x 3 sets…I’ll do 4 sets next week

BB curl - 95x10, 105x10, 115x5

DB Curl - 30x10, 40x15

lol i love curls now…i neglected them for years, and now i want to become a curl monster…i wish i had dbs higher than 40 though…I may try to do one arm preachers off an incline bench or another hard db curl variant…i’ll look into it

Friday, I may do deadlifts. My set-up is looking pretty solid, and my back is ok. I may just do rack pulls from just below knee height. I don’t know. I’ll see how I feel.


Bench - Did some speed sets at 135, drilling technique. I then went up to 205 for a double, and it did not feel too good but thats ok. Thats just how training is. I will see what happens on saturday’s heavy bench day.

BB High Incline press - 115x10, 135x10,145x7

BTN seated press - 95x10, 105x10, 115x10

getting stronger…

EZ bar ext - 60x10, 70x10, 80x10, 90x7
i’m not counting the bar for these…i guess the bar weighs 10-15lbs maybe…

JM press - 45x10, 65x10, 75x8
I’m still trying to get my form down on this, but I felt it in the part of the tricep by the elbow, so i think im doing right.

Face Pull - green band x 3 sets
i did some last night as well…

my right shoulder was a little banged up from heavy
bench last sunday, but i hit some PRs today, so it didn’t really affect me much i guess…