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D-Pinitol, Colosolic Acid

Where can I find these? Are there any reliable brands of these out there? I’ve looked at some of the larger vitamin distributors with no luck.


Both ingredients are found in GNC’s ‘Elite Series’ Pro-Cell creatine product.

It’s actually “Corosolic” Acid, not
“Colosolic” Acid. That may be why you can’t
find it. Also, corosolic acid is often sold
under the name “glucosol” and is readily
available at most health/supp stores.
D-Pinitol seems to be harder to find, but it
is out there.

Are you sure that’s a GNC product? The only Elite Creatine products that I know of is Mega Creatine, Creatine Clear and the regular Effervescent. And anyway, most of us want d-pinitol separately, not with the other stuff like Synthevol HP, Nitro Tech, etc. Insulene has both but it doesn’t say how much pinitol if memory serves correctly.

Yep, it’s GNC. I went to their website and I didn’t see it advertised, but it’s GNC. Maybe it’s a new product. I can’t remember the exact amount of d-pinitol and corosolic acid, but I remember it was a respectable amount(atleast to what I’ve seen recommended).