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D.O.M.S. - Ouch!


Saturday I lost my mind - was mad at the world and instead of doing my usual chest work out - incline DB, followed by flat bench, followed by xovers and pull overs, I just threw two 25's on the bar - yes 95lbs - and went to failure - then threw 10 more on each side and went to failure - three more sets - going up 20lbs each set - all to failure -

then a small triceps work out - no biggie really - no records set or anything - but here it is Wednsday, and I am still sore as hell - I am hydrated, and well fed - anybody know how to accelerate the healing process - this sucks -


I luv DOM's and miss em when they are gone.


A good 9 or 10 hours of sleep for a few nights helps greatly IMO


Try this superset.

A1) hot sauna 5 min.

A2) ICE-cold shower 30 sec.

repeat till you get bored...


Rocky not to bust your balls, but it gets a little harder when you are over 35. Most of us old guys get enough sleep. To the OP time is all you can do, the alternating heat and cold works for pro football players so might work.


That's my fault lol, didn't realize this was in the Over 35 sections, and as such, the advice may differ.


Its cool keep lifting.


LOL priceless!


contrast showers

foam/ball roll your pecs you can see a progression in the mobility thread

more protein more carbs

a set or two of pushups - for an old school 'feeder' set


EAS Reload is over-priced, but I recover faster.


Surge man remember where you are, I will not lift without this ever again.


Is it really that good? We have some at home and I've tried it but I can't get past the fruit flavoured ass taste. If it's really great I could learn to suck it up.


What could taste sweeter than fruit-flavoured ass?


I walk around with DOMs for 3-4 days some weeks. I have no good advice but wait it out.


Pour some beer on it.


Just started lifting again after a 12 year gap, 3 weeks in and I still have DOMS all the time! Kinda like it, although I sound like my Grandpa when I tie my shoe laces. The hot and cold routine really works and a little volcano does wonders.


Early this year started using it and noticed the major Decrease in DOM then went off for a couple months this summer while I was doing Paleo diet with the wife. Fuck me I forgot how sore I really get. So added it back after the paleo and moving. I will never get off this stuff again, I get the razberry flavor, taste like very tart sugary Kool-Aide to me. That is really the only type of carbs I get during the day.