D-Nasty Log

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here but have been religiously reading everything that T-Nation put out.

I’ll be starting my log next week and giving a go at CT’s strength schemes. Hopefully I have a good enough idea on them and put together an effective program.

Starting Stats:
Goal: Increase muscle mass and strength…of course!
Age: 26
Weight: 170 (trimmed down from 185)
BF%: Not too worried about the number, just know I’m average lean if that makes sense.

Get ready for the NASTY!

Finally able to start my log. I am just coming off a low volume program because I was getting ready for my first powerlifting meet. But then, i got word that it was cancelled due to the shortage of participants. So I figured I’ll give a different program a try for a couple months or so.

Pull Day:
Pre Pump: Banded SA Pulldown: 3x25 reps
HTW: Weighted Pull-ups 5/4/3/5/4/3
HTW (2s contraction at top): Scrape Rack BB Rows: 7/5/3/7/5/3
Pump Work: 4x20-30 seconds: SA Cable Pulldowns
Stretch Work (hold stretch for 2s): John Meadows Stretchers: 3 x 12-15

I also staggered triceps pump work in during the workout.


Pre Pump: Leg Curls 3 x 20 partial reps
Front Squat: 5/4/3/2/1: 185/195/215/235
Back Squat: 5/4/3/5/4/3
RDL: 7/5/3/7/5/3

Pump Work: Partial leg Press: 3 x 30 s (pumped indeed!)
Stretch Work: Sissy Squats: 3 x 10-15 (holding stretch position for 2-count)

legs didn’t feel totally fatigued but actually nice and tight. good shit!

I know. I suck at keeping my log updated.

But I’ve been keeping up with my program I put together using CTs Strength and Rep Schemes. So far it’s all been going great. Here’s a pic of a back shot (kinda hard to take a photo of your backside with a phone).

Training 6 days a week has been a good time. I love being in the gym. the first week of this program, legs were killing me the second time around so I wasn’t able to load up much. Now going into the Third week,everything feels good.

Today I have leg day, adding in the leg curl for a pre-pump has been a different feeling but nonetheless the body is getting used to it.

Today’s Leg Day:

Power Snatch; 4x3
Val Slide Leg Curls; 3 x 15
Front Squat; 5/4/3/2/1
Back Squat; 5/4/3/5/4/3
Snatch Grip RDL; 7/5/3/7/5/3
Pump; Partial Walking Lunges; 3x15 ea. staying low the whole time
Stretch; Leg Extensions; 4 x 6-10 holding stretch for 2-count

legs were crazy pump…think i’ll post some wheel pics later

THursday: Push Day (Chest focus)

Pre-pump: Plate Presses
Fat Grip bench Press: 5/4/3/2/1 finished at 295
Incline DB Press: 5/4/3/5/4/3 finished with 115
Scrape Shoulder Press: 7/5/3/7/5/3 finished with 165
Pump work: Elevated Push-ups: 4 x 20-30 sec.
Stretch Work: Cable Cross-over: 4 x 8-10 with holding stretch


PrePump; Band Pull Aparts:4 x 15-20
Neutral Grip Pull-up; 5/4/3/5/4/3
Incline DB Row: 7/5/3/7/5/3
Rev. Grip Pulldowns: 7/5/3/7/5/3
Pump Work: Partial DB Rows: 5 upper half, 5 ROM, 5 bottom half
Stretch: Motorcycle Rows: 4 x 6-10 holding stretch for 2-count

this program has been awesome. It’s been the 3rd week and i feel fresh everyday and muscle fullness is always there. I think. It is essential to not failure and save stressing your CNS too much.


Activation: Power Snatch: 4 x 3
Pre Pump: Lying Leg Curls: 3 x 15-20
Snatch Grip Deadlift: 5/4/3/2/1
Bulgarian Split Squat: 5/4/3/5/4/3
Weighted Glute Bridge: 7/5/3/7/5/3
Pump Workout: Partial Leg Press: 4 x 20-30s
Stretch work: Valside Lateral Lunges: 3 x 10-12 ea leg

I know it’s been awhile since my last post but things have been pretty hectic. I’ve been following CT’s strength rep scheme using different variations of his waves: 3/2/1, 5/4/3, 7/5/3, and incorporating pump work and stretch work.

I’ve been getting great results with them and have been leaning out even more. Here are some of my most recent pictures.

My bodyweight right now is 167:

This pic was after a cheat meal,it was a really bad cheat meal. Wasn’t too proud of myself but it was worth the good times with family and friends