Just an update. I have officially changed positions and names. Also, I met my first ever Coach Davies Hater today. Today was my first football game ever and one of the receivers was wearing a T-mag shirt and squaking about “consulting” with Poliquin and francis and stately. Clearly this guy and myself were in the best shape on the field, however I was number one and he was number two. Interesting fact…I at age twenty eight stepped on a football field today for the first time ever and was very comfortable with my conditioning and I played a flawless game which included a 30 yard TD catch(one and only pass to me). On the very same day I am so amazed that this man was able to prepare me for a game I have never played, I am even more amazed that people dare to doubt. My goal was simple…find guys who have done it and are still doing it and get them to help me…Coach Davies is that guy doing it, so here is to Coach for being way more WALK than he’ll ever talk.

Perhaps I don’t pay enough attention, but I had no idea you were using Renegade training T-End.

Out of curiosity… what kind of league do you play in? Where at?

I have mentioned many times that I am a Renegade. The league is in Cali (CFA). Since there are no pictures here is the site. OCMAKOS.com The roster is not all that updated either.