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What is your general opinion of the old Deca & Dbol stack. I know some of you are very anti-Deca but this has always been a popular and well documented stack.

I was thinking of running 3-400mg deca & 30-50 mg dbol for 6-8 weeks.

Would you add test. into the mix?

Thanks in advance.

As they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Deca and dbol will work; it will make you grow - but the question is, “is this an optimal stack for maximizing gains, and reducing side effects, preferably while remaining economical?” The answer to that question, for the Deca/Dbol stack, is IMHO, no.

I’m not going to reiterate the arguements against deca. Y’all know them well. And the side effects of an efficate dose of dbol can be pronounced. Combining these drugs is not the best idea I could come up with…

Add test? Yes, I believe every cycle should have a base of test; it is the king of the male hormones, is flexible in it’s application for cutting and bulking, and generally provides a good place to start any stack from.

I could think of a dozen other stacks I’d do before deca and dbol.

Yes I have run a simmilar stack before.

I used tren as well however. This is how I ran it:

2 week frontload of nandrolone decanoate (200mg eod)
[deca takes a long time to begin working because of its 15 day halflife so a good front is essesial)

tren @ 75mg eod through out entire cycle
At three weeks switch to nandrolone 400mg per week.

The nandrolone and the gains will begin to kick in around week three so this is when I advise begining your dbol
15-30mg per day should suffice any more I believe will just dramatically increase water retention.

Just keep nolva on hand for this cycle, unless you are extremely sensitive to dbol. If so then 10-20mg a day should be all you need.

After the final week of your cycle, (either week 6 or 8). Here is the recovery protocol that will work best

The decanoate ester could take as long as 6 weeks to leave your system, and 4 weeks for it to no longer be causing any suppression, So I recomend a testosterone bridge.
e.g. (if your cycle is 8 weeks)
100mg of test at the begining of weeks 9, 10, 11. 50mg of test enantate at the begining of week 12.

you can begin your clomid or nolva week 12 or 13

As for Hcg, you can begin hcg at the end of week 3 doing the sat, sun weekend protocol of 250-500i.u. The hcg should counter the ‘deca dick’ side effect.

you can continue this protocol right up to the end of week 12.

This may seem like a lot to do post cycle but these are the complications you run into by using nandrolone decanoate for short cycles

Agree with Archaic 100%

Thanks for your input - much appreciated.