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D.C. T-Cell?

What ever became of the D.C. T-cell? Anything still going on with that?

I just moved to Washington, D.C. – actually, to Arlington, VA – so I was just wondering if anything was going on?

Also, separately, I suppose I should change my monicker, as the Boston part doesn’t apply, and, as vroom pointed out on another thread, the “Barrister” doesn’t technically apply either, since I’m not a trial lawyer. I’ll think about it, but any suggestions are appreciated (I know that’s a big can of worms, but oh well).

I suppose I’ve been posting a lot, but it’s infinitely more interesting than unpacking all my junk, and I don’t start my new job until Monday. Anyway, thanks in advance!

I am a DC person now too (have been for the past 5 months) now working on the hill, and thinking of moving to a big corporate law firm before I got to law school. What are you doing in DC? How do you like Arlington?

Keep up the good writing btw. Its good to have some educated people defending the conservative side.

I took a job with the corporate group of what is largely an IP/patent firm down in the financial district: Fish & Richardson, P.C. The practice in D.C. is similar to what I was doing at Testa Hurwitz in Boston, which is to say it focuses on private tech companies and venture capital, with a smattering of public company work thrown in.

Basically, I just had to get out of Boston. No offense to Bostonians, but I am originally a Californian and the combination of the last two winters along with what have to be the worst streets and drivers this side of the Mexican border were just too much. Drivers in Boston are what I would describe as agressively lost – if that seems like a contradiction, go drive in Boston sometime.

I’ve always heard that Boston drivers were the best in the country. Shows what I know!

Anyway, I’d be up for another T-cell get together. Perhaps the other guys will pipe in, as well.

That would be “wicked” cool.

Anyway, random aside, but I found this Ethnic Eating Guide that Tyler Cowen, an economics professor at GMU, put together, and it looks pretty cool, so I thought I would share: