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D.C. T-Cell Revisited

Although I’m not an official member, I’ll be in DC this week to visit Phill and beat up TriGWU.

Aside from a Smithsonian lecture (on the Apollo guidance computer) on Wed, and a Sloan concert on Sunday, we should be able to set something up last minute.

Let me know!

I’m in, where ya staying?

Its okay Barr. We cater to outsiders. It was a tough decision though… seeing as you are Canadian AND an outsider.

Just dont BARRf on your flight

That’d be cool – keep us in the loop.

joins the mob, brandishing torch and pitchfork

Oh, wait, wrong type of mob.

Anyhow, keep us posted as to what is occuring this week.

I thought Phill was supposed to take care of all of this… I’m staying with him, but have yet to see him.

Thanks to TriGWU for putting me up for the night.

Phill I need your help with this, it’s your town.

I am open Thursday after Prime Time and Friday.


OK well we had some MAJOR miss communication as I thought Dave was not staying with me until the 12th. I just got back in town last night from picking my mother up to come and stay with me from Kansas for a month.

OK. so I am gonna be runnin with him this morning once his lazy A%* wakes up. I have to get some stuff done getting mom settled groceries and such. So the best for me would be to meet up tomorrow Friday morn. for a bit and do some stuff.

PM me and we can get together.
I will also be running a bit today and may have a little chance to get out.

Dave says he’s up for going out after Prime Time I have to stick here with Ma tonight, but for that to PM me and we can work stuff out. PH #'s and such.

It’ll be great to get together with some of you all. I’ll leave it at that and run to the store right quick and check if anyone has chimed in.


Bunch of damn LATE risers.

Figured someone would have chimed in while I was gone and Dave is still slumbering with the polar bears.

Are the people in the area getting together? If so, when and where.

Please advise.

Are we getting together??? Well sure we are. I think that was stated. LOL.

Not many of us as of yet. Just Dave Barr and myself right now. We will be meeting TriGwu tomorrow and we are Showing Dave the Mall and its various sites.

You are all welcome to join. Just do as I stated above and pm me and we can get a time and place set up to meet. I have one PM so far and will call.

Other than tomorrow not sure what is planned yet. just winging it but if we get something substantial set up I will post it so everyoine will know. Its just kinda hit and miss on the whens and wheres as of right now.


Well mom, Dave Barr and myself hooked up with TriGWU and Cezar down on the mall.

This being moms first time out post recent surgery, she was a trooper. Hung in for 3 hours of walking in the heat and such.

We just left the guys to do some more sight seeing. I brought mom back to the apartment for some R&R and I to do some painting.

Dave snapped a pic, that hopefully he will post up later, once TriGWU FINALLY met with us. Quickly finding he aint the speediest person in the world. LOL If he says 15-20 minutes that means 2-3 hours, so you just gotta go do your thing and he can catch up. LOL

Any further plans Im not sure. I am going to see if Dave wants to check out Arlington Cemetry in the AM tomorrow if I can rouse him early. It has a Tran that will be just right for mom as we formed some pretty good blisters on her feet today.

All in all it was nice meeting some of the guys from the area. Anyone else chime on in and possibly we can meet up some time,