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D-Bomb Get's Real, Shedding Down!

Hello T-Nation, i have been around on this site for a good while, always in the shadows, absorbing the knowledge given by your seemingly endless array of authors and articles.
I feel it is only right to stamp my name down and start making my own impact.

Alright let’s get down to it.

18 years of age
5.7 foot
currently 193-196lbs
last measured at 15% Body-fat with calipers when i was over 200lbs.
Am busy shredding the fat, currently using the “anabolic diet” and seeing some interesting results. started at a caloric intake of 2500 calories, some days i end up at about 1900 the lowest, however im bumping it up to around 2700 calories just to see the difference, i am focusing on maintaining the lean muscle mass and getting rid of the excess.
My training is usually high volume, with focus on strength and using the entire rep range up to 15 reps.

stats as of now (tend to change, and in some places i am now 0.5-1 inch smaller, i am hoping it is mostly fat,water and lack of glycogen…)

Neck- 16.0 "
Arms- 16.5 "
back/chest- 46.5 "
waist- 34.5 "
quads- 26.5 "
calves-15.0 " (my weakest area)

I intend on posting pictures when I am further into my “cutting”

hell here is a training session i had tonight…enjoy and please stop by and add your thoughts and stuff!!

seated v-rows upright handle
10 sets (most sets 10-15 reps )
100kgs x 2-3 reps

bent over dumbbell rows
20kgs x 10 44lbs
30kgs x 10 66lbs
40kgs x 10 88lbs
50kgs x 10 110lbs
60kgs x 05 132lbs
(new weight! right side definitely lacking in grip strength/muscle strength perhaps…but still kept it 05/05 a side)

seated double handle lat rows
10 sets (using 2 different grips in a super-set)

seated lat pulldowns machine (different bar palms facing towards each other)
10 sets (most sets 10-15 reps)
100kgs x 2 reps 220lbs

seated rear deltoids machine
5 sets 10-15 reps

cold pool (1 minute)


standing alternating dumbbell curls
10kgs x 15
16kgs x 10
20kgs x 10
24kgs x 05
20kgs x 07
20kgs x 10
20kgs x 08-10

seated preacher curls bb palms facing away
22kgs x 10
30kgs x 10
40kgs x 04 (PR)

standing cable double bicep curls super set with chin-ups

15kgs x 10/05
25kgs x 10/03-04
35kgs x 06/02-03

3 sets x 15

cold dip pool (beat my time of 2:00 minutes, got up to 5:00 minutes)

Keep up the good work. Do you have a link for the anabolic diet you’re following?

[quote]silentoats wrote:
Keep up the good work. Do you have a link for the anabolic diet you’re following? [/quote]

thanks brother for replying!! i had all but left this log to fucking die, in the pits of this massive site of oozing testosterone…

ya know it is somewhere on this site, i’ll get a link up now…
I have switched it up, i am now eating carbs/protein/fats in all their glory but keeping calories restricted and now train each body part twice daily. I have found a lot more freedom and more retention of muscle mass this way, my pump is also so awesome compared to the A.D diet which YES helped me shed weight/fat rapidly but also diminished my strength,pump,look very quickly too. This may have been aggravated by the quick drop of calories from my usual debauchery of food. However i feel a lot more sane on a diet which uses each macro nutrient in its place. although the loss of weight/fat is slower i feel i can stick to this easier…however i will probably hit the A.D diet up again when i cannot lose any longer…

start of log

Neck- 16.0 "
Arms- 16.5 "
back/chest- 46.5 "
waist- 34.5 "
quads- 26.5 "
calves-15.0 "

as of 09/15/08

Neck- 16.0 "
Arms- 17.2 "
back/chest- 47.0 "
waist- 34.0 "
quads- 26.8 "
calves-15.2 "

i feel like shitting on things after i went for a piss.
bb.com is for wussies, yeah its what got me started but nearly everyone is a big old fanny wrapped in soya sauce with a baby’s diaper for safety and just can’t stand for their dummies to be pulled out of their mouths the poor sobs.

Animalpak.com ForVm is a lot more hardcore and im a solid subscriber and a moderator for them.
i have little quarrels and keep a heavy log there daily.

however even on there i feel caged somehow…T-Nation i feel i can bring it out, the authors, members,moderators are all hardcore and who respect bodybuilding, just as i do.

so here is another thing or two i wanna say.
i turned 19 on the 6th September and after a night of intoxication i gave up alcohol/smoking/THC and any other drug that was going. 9 days later and my training/rest/body is off the charts better, more refined and my mind is clearer and sharper than ever before…

i wouldn’t want it any other way.

the supplementation i am on now is quite interesting not too much.
protein powder that has

  • creatine mono
    -tribulus ter.

very good for its price.

-Reversitol by I-Force
-This has been one of my best buys in a long while, i am no stranger to PH’s and needed a good aromatose Inhibitor, and that increased LH/test/sperm count the whole shibang. Came off a cycle of Superdrol and even though customs took their damn time with the Reversitol i have not had any Gyno,estrogen,lack of strength issues, i have been on the Reversitol for 5 days (6th day today) at 1 cap daily at night and my strength has increased like crazy (on a lack of calories!!)
so yes this is working and i have used quite a lot of supplements.

spring day is Bicept’s day grrrr…

09-01-08, 3:32 pm

standing dumbbell curls alt
10kgs x 15
16kgs x 10
20kgs x 10
24kgs x 08/05/05/05/03

seated preacher curls machine one armed
20kgs x 15
30kgs x 15
45kgs x 07
30kgs x 10
20kgs x 10
10kgs x 15 slow reps

cardio bike 10 minutes


armskiruskiskis …

close grip bench press
50kgs x 15
80kgs x 15
110kgs x 03
115kgs x 01
80kgs x 10

standing bicep curls alternating
12kgs x 15
20kgs x 15
24kgs x 10
24kgs x 10 ?

standing tricep pushdowns mini ez curl bar
3 sets
1 drop set

seated one armed preacher curls
3 sets
1 drop set

i felt so full of rage and testosterone tonight, and damn i had just read your Test levels drop around 8 P.M, i guess im just fucked up, i wanted to kill people, i wanted to destroy the weights, i knew they were mine to grapple and do as i pleased…my muscles responded with a pump and a stretch…when i got home…i chucked that tape around 17.8 inches…18 inches flexed!..oh yeah i am the shit…i think i have found my body’s ratio for carbohydrates…i feel fucking awesome…as long as i can keep my strength, get stronger, keep my calories below the maintenance and/or do more workouts to counter the energy in im going to get where i need to get to…


thanks bro…one day those big weights will be nothing but a intermediate warm-up…

alright hit one workout today…and it was an early evening kinda after dinner type time.

seated lat pulldown machine with palms facing one another in a fist.
30kgs x 15
60kgs x 15
90kgs x 10
110kgs x 05
55kgs x 15

Dead-lifts (yes there is such an exercise!! are you doing it???) (Raw)
60kgs x 02
100kgs x 02
140kgs x 02
180kgs x 01/01
140kgs x 01
100kgs x 02

seated pulldowns machine 2 handles
40kgs x 15
60kgs x 15
80kgs x 10)triple
60kgs x 15)drop
40kgs x 15)set

pull-ups bodyweight 30 seconds rest between sets

hell Yeah! i am feeling VERY STRONG and DAMN GOOD after that workout, those deadlifts were out of this world for me…to still hit 180kgs for 2 singles, while on a restricted calorie intake…blows me away…




flat bb bench press
40kgs x 15
60kgs x 15
80kgs x 15
100kgs x 13 (personal record)
120kgs x 02/02 (personal record)
40kgs x 50

Decline db bench flyes
10kgs x 15
16kgs x 15
22kgs x 10 (new weight PR + reps )
16kgs x 10
10kgs x 15

incline bb bench press
40kgs x 10-15
60kgs x 10
80kgs x 02
60kgs x 10
40kgs x 10-15

standing cable crossovers
15kgs x 15
25kgs x 15
40kgs x 10-15
25kgs x 15


good workout


after this workout i have fulfilled my 2X body parts worked in a week…now on to next week again!


one leg extensions/normal leg ext./one legged hamstring curls/normal hamstring curls.
3 quadra sets = 12 sets

after that i stuck the leg ext. on 100kgs and the ham curl on 40kgs
with no rest i kept going back and forth,back and forth,back and forth, to the point where i could not count or walk properly, where my legs were buckling and random shit was coming out my nose…eventually i just crumbled on the floor…the leg ext. were always a solid 10 reps, and with the ham curls i eventually was going around the 3-5 reps with 30kgs…i was finished…

calves seated plate loaded
2pies x 15
4pies x 15
6pies x 10
4pies x 15

cardio 20 minutes…level 2 nothing stressful …


Chest (did not count sets the whole time, was just loving the feeling and look of my chest.)

flat bench bb press (is there anything else?)
50kgs x 15
80kgs x 15
110kgs x 07 (PR ?)
120kgs x 03/03 (PR) 02/02 = 10 reps (huge PR!)
50kgs x 50

standing cable crossovers
very good sets
standing isolated cable crossovers
interesting exercise to try out, a Gary Strydom favourite…

pectoral deck machine
very good sets as well
110kgs felt a charm…

Decline bp machine
used 2 grips (palms facing the floor/palms facing each other)

3 sets x 15

Thanks for the link. You seem real intense about your workouts. That’s not something everyone can claim and why you make the gains and not them. Keep it up! How long you been taking PHs?

no problem mate.
yeah i am very serious about it, i need to compete to win, not come top 3…
exactly right brother.

i been on and off them since about 16 or so years old. Hell Arnold was on the Juice at 15. I have obviously learnt a lot in the last 3 years and i realize why i have had so many short comings. So now at 19 i feel i have everything in order to make the supplements really work.