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Hey everyone, my name is coady and im new here.

I have recently been cycling M1-T's, 30 mg/day, 2 weeks on 1 off. I am 18 and noticed a bit of difference with the M1-T's. I am almost out of the T's and i was thinking about trying some oral D-Bols. A couple of friends of mine have been taking them and i have noticed a incredible difference. Im not very knowledgeable when it comes to D-bols, so i was wondering if i could get some info from you guys, any experiances with them, what should i take with them, how much, and how should i cycle them.

Thanks A lot,


Oral d-bol only cycles are worthless, and taking steroids before your endocrine (that's your hormones) system has fully matured IS how you do permanent damage. Wanna have trouble getting wood 3 years down the line because you didn't run proper PCT?

That's Post-Cycle Therapy. Have you ever heard of it? I'd venture to guess neither you nor your friends have, it's what puts your hormones back into a normal sync with your body.

M1T is already pretty nasty stuff, D-bol isn't much more liver toxic but it's more potent stuff.

Stop taking you M1T, and Stop taking D-bol.

You'd keep minimal gains from a d-bol only cycle, you're under age, and the fact that you suggested it shows you have a lot of researching to do about steroids.

Spend the next 3-4 years learning about them and then come back and suggest a cycle.

Anyone feel free to jump in and correct me, this is all to the best of my knowledge.


Dont take steroids like d-bol, some of my friends took them and 1 out of 4 died.


If you cant get your workout/diet on point before AAS you are SPINNING YOUR WHEELS!!!!!!!

Everyone should have met realistic goals before using AAS. At least reach a bodyweight +100lbs on the bench, +200lbs squat, and bodyweight +250-300 lbs on the deadlift if NOT MORE. If you reach these goals you will have decent size. Rarely do you see a guy with much less than 16" arms benching over 300lbs.

How do you add weight to your lifts?

If there was a field behind your house with 100 rocks, and you knew that under one of those rocks was $1,000, you would turn them all over until you found the $1,000.

Weights are the same way. Keep trying rep schemes and ass. exercises until you find the ones that work for you. Write down the ones that worked for you and learn from them.

Pick the brains of the lifters that have already met those goals the WAY YOU WANT TO REACH THEM.

People are using AAS without knowing what their maintenance calories are for a given day. How can you expect to gain muscle without having any real idea what nutrition your body needs to maintain and gain weight?

Add calories to your maintenance level until you gain 3-5lbs a month. Once you get a little body fat, AFTER GAINING SOME GOOD SIZE, learn how to diet down 3-5% body fat without losing muscle.

These are just the basics. You have to know the basics.


This is good advice. Keep trying ass until you find one you like.


Now, now, let's not steer the kid wrong, I believe the correct figures are 2 out of 5.


Oral D-bol cycles only are not worthless. Maybe for you they are but don't lie to the kid. For some only 25mg of D-bol per day for 6 weeks showed incredible results and I even had a few friends that took no PCT and still kept all of their gains. AAS work different on different people. That said, 18 is way too young to be using.


We just hope you considered the risks before embarking on your cycle at such a young age. Boys wanting to be men before their time. I look forward to your pm when you go off and find that you no longer have the libido of a 19 year old, and no doc wants to help you.


D-bol didnt kill your friend.


It was a joke. I was adding to the post of the typical 16-18 year old that post here and says something like, "man I got some pillz, that like make you swole up like u just got out of prison.... should I take 5 or 6 a day?"


What happend to proper parenting?


100% correct!



Even worse, everyone I know and everyone I have heard of who has taken d-bol, is currently taking d-bol or will take d-bol will wind up dead! 4 out of 4 will die. (though not from d-bol)


i had a friend that said the name d-... and he died.


Well for now i guess ill stay away from the D-bols, you guys seem to know what your talking about and i think it would be a smart choice to take your adive when it comes to D-bols, however i think ill continue with a few more cycles of M1-T's / Kre-Alkalyn, but after im done the M1-T's, do u have any advice of what to take? Not steroids, but other things that are good,, i.e Kre-alkalyn


I put on 70lbs by eating beef, chicken, veges and pasta. Give it a try.


Well its pretty obvious you are going to try something,, some of the boys are just taken the piss. Your best bet is knowledge my friend. Read up on everything, the more you know the better you are.

Short answer: at least 6 meals a day,, tons of protein and keep your muscles guessing. Reach muscle burn out each workout and give yourself the rest day. Seriously though,, stay away from the hard shit until your body is ready,, no need to kick yourself in the ass and stop your systems natural production. Take the advice and thank me after your research.