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D-Bols in Capsules


I just got cycle of d-bols, and they are 20 mg capsules. I have only seen d-bols in tablet form. They are from a pretty reputable UG lab that many people have given me positive feedback. Just wondering if anyone has ever seen, or take d-bols in capsule form.


my brother had 50mg dbol in capsules and i know a canadian UG makes them in capsules...

Machine pressers are expensive and hard to obtain due to the fact that you have to legally register them (as i read)


Yea this is from a Canadian UG lab. Did he get good results from his cycle? Also Did he split up his intake throughout the day or take it all at once? The only reason I am concerned about the capsule form is that I like to take my dose a few times throughout the day. 20 mg Capsules are gonna make this a little more difficult.


he didn't use them because he thought dbol only cycle would work but changed his mind after further reading.

Never the less, if the powder in the caps is potent, it should be as effective as the pills.

The only difference the pills have is they're pressed and the powder is mixed with fillers... (please correct me if im wrong)


I am actually going to stack it with Tren-A, however I have heard of some successful back to back d-bol only cycles.


There is going to be filler in the capsules as well.


No problem with dbol caps as long as they are not dosed at under 10mgs as it's difficult to make sure the dose is even at anything less than that.

I buy my dbol as powder and just dissolve it in alcohol - makes it easy to get an exact dose every time.


yes i've used D-bol caps. cap makers are cheap. will work fine just depends on amount of active ingredient.


u r better off taking in 10mg doses throughout day; keeps blood concentrations consistent. Capsules are fine. Both are out there.


not meaning to hijack, but what does this do? once dissolved do you administer sublingually? maybe a stupid question, but im here to learn. :slightly_smiling:


Its in solution, you just drink it.

Simply makes it easy to go from powder to a measured dose, as you can easily measure out a liquid in small quantities.

Say 2 ml of dbol solution.


Just Tren? You might wanna consider stacking that with some Test if you want your junk to work.


Dbol and tren isnt a great combo.

It will work-ish, as long as the tren is dosed lower.

But test should be in there when you use tren.

Dbol and tren is going to give alot of strength and aggression but little actual mass.


Absolutely - In 'normal strength' alcohol (40% by volume) you can maintain 20mg/ml (although not much more). The stronger the alcohol the more mgs per ml you can attain.

I dissolve 5 grams of dbol powder in 230ml of whisky or whatever. Even at room temperature it near enough all dissolves. Top up to exactly 250ml, make sure any powder vanishes into the solution and you are ready to go.

20mg/ml dbol - just swallow 0.5ml 3 to 5 times a day depending on your dosing protocol. The very small amount of alcohol base means that you don't get any adverse effects from that.

The only problem is that it tastes real bad. You think it'll be ok at first as the whisky flavour hits your taste buds, then comes the delight of dbol. Yuck.

I tend to take it directly before I eat something so as to kill the taste.


I have used the caps you are talking about I am pretty sure, they work great!

How much Tren are you running? Is it Ace or E? What dose? Why are you not running Test with it? Do you not like sexy time? Trying to have sex on this cycle could be like trying to stick an oyster in a slot machine...Good Luck :slight_smile:


It's Tren Acetate and I've never ran it before. Gonna start with 50mg ED, maybe even lower, I have heard that 30-35 mg ED is very sufficient for some people, will increase the dose if I feel need be. As for d-bols I am taking 40mg ED. Wanted to get my hands on some Test-P to run with this cycle but sadly couldn't get it. Wondering if it would be a good idea to run Test-E with this cycle?


any test will do


Oh of course.

Run Test E, front load it and away you go.


it just means they ARE UGL. prolly really good, possibly shite.

only one way!