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Hi peoples - am due to start taking some dianabol in the next few weeks but looking for decent anti-oestrogen to counter the water retention and gynecomastia. Would you recommend Nolva or Proviron? Or would Biotest M just do the job? Cheers peoples!

I think the first questions should really be where are you a cop at?

funny…very important…but you would be surprised of how many of those are walking with the “darkside”

how much are you planning on taking? and by your post in pics…if you are trying to drop some body fat perhaps you should hold off on the d’bol…just a thought but hey what do I know…I just use “cybergenics” LOL

i have no problem with a darkside police officer (personally, i know one) but find it odd (and to be honest very stupid in his line of work) to come to a forum, post pictures of yourself and then ask for steroid advice while informing everyone your an officer of the law.

good point… I think you might want to modify your profile dude…that could cause you all kinds of hell at work if someone recognizes you…Thats why we have alias’ and most people don’t show there faces…Im sure some ass wipe dea or other lea monitors this site and someone just may recognize you…then bye bye career…

Danniel Son!!!

shakes head