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So whenever i read about d-bol on here it is always recomended as a "kickstart" to a cycle.
usually the first 4 weeks of a cycle at around 40-50mg per day.

My question is, would i benefit if i take d-bol at 40mg, 2 hrs before lifting?
I am a powerlifter, and im wondering if i take it even just the 4 days per week that i lift, will that work? I am on test now, and have never expierenced with d-bol yet, i do have it on hand though.

I hear the strength/pump is great from taking all 40mg, around 2-3 hrs pre workout.


Workout days i take it all 1-2 hours Pre workout, non workout days I space it evenly throughout the day.


halodrol might be better suited to your purposes. I've never used it but a lot of guys use it as a pre-workout


The prohormone halodrol?


oh shit, no, halotestin! Haha, stupid prohormones with their stupid similar names


ok, cool. how long do you stay on for? how mnay weeks/months will you typically run that.


ohh ok i have heard of that, but never actually researched it or even see what it is meant for.
how many mg's do people normally run?
ill do some more searches on that pre workout.



20-40mg pre-workout


4-5 weeks


halo is expensive and works, lol