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Ok I’m still planning my future cycles (I know I can bring up my chest a lot without it first… thanks guys!). But anyways, I’m looking at stacking Deca and D-Bol. Thing is, I heard that the orals are harder on the kidneys and liver. What would the injectible “equivalent” of D-Bol be? Also… couldn’t I use high doses of Androsol to replace the D-Bol (keeping the Deca)? Wouldn’t the combo be quite safe and effective?

uhhh your gonna take deca with no test? thats stupid less you wanna be impotent for a while. As far as the d bol doing any damage take some milk thistle with the d bol. Oh yea if your worried about liver and kidney damage maybe you shouldnt be thinkin of taking AS. Maybe just stick with Bill Philips and his body for life. HAHA and the funniest part over dosing on anadrosol to get d bol effects? ya got to be kidding me. Thats like saying if i eat 10 apples maybe the eleventh will taste like an orange. You need to do some more research before you start jammin needles in your ass and poppin pills.

Ok flexxx. D-Bol is quite androgenic right? Isn’t it the angrogenic properties of test that prevent impotence? I think everyone who takes AAS should think about minimizing damage. Unless you’re a fool that is. Another thing, you shouldn’t diss people that don’t or haven’t taken AAS yet. Anyone can take a gram of test a week and act like a bad ass.

I didn't say get DBol effects from Androsol, I was simply wondering how well that stack would work. I need to do some more research? Well what do you think my message was for?

Anyone can flame a newbie, it's easy, but only a loser would actually do it.

FleXXX, no disrespect intended, but until
you’ve tried a Dianabol-only cycle (say 10
mg five times per day) and an Androsol-only
cycle (500 mg, 70 sprays, twice per day) and compared them; and preferably also compared
a Dianabol + Class I steroid cycle with
an Androsol + Class I steroid cycle, you
don’t have a basis for writing that there
is no comparison.

If you don’t believe me, do you believe our
readers? 5-10 lb in 2 weeks is quite common
with Androsol. Do you think Dianabol-only
gives double these results or something?
If you do, you’ve never used Dianabol.

Ok for starters you need to do more AS research before you even post… im sorry my feed back wasnt sugar coated for ya. As for androsol being like dbol i said i dunno and i made an analogy of the comparison… im sorry you took so much offense to it. im speaking only the truth here not acting like a bad ass or flamer. Lifes tough suck it up.

Flexall: Ok I kinda overreacted just a little bit maybe to your
post. Hehe. But I have researched a fair amount (many
many hours on the net). However, there is a lot of conflicting
info out there too. I think maybe you misunderstood a lot of
my post. Bill: That’s exactly what I thought. If Androsol can
give guys 5-10lbs in 2 weeks, then combined with
something like primo or deca, the gains should be good
(not gramo-test range, but still good). I guess I could wait for
Nandrosol and try combine the two before injecting myself…
anyhow (gives me more time to research so I don’t piss to
many people off! Hehe…).