D-bol + winstrol Q

I have one not so complicated Q for you to try to answer… I am thinking about an all oral cycle! YES, I hate the injections… :slight_smile: but to explain my situation, I don’t have any experience in giving my self inj. so I think I’ll pass on that one…

I was thinking about d-bol (naposim 5 mg) and winny (cetabon 2mg) combination with nolva (zitazonium 10mg) as an anti-estrogen and clomid (clostilbegyt 50mg) as an imitation of HCG for natural testosteron production boost after the cycle!

Can you give me a word of an advice how to structure a cycle with doses that would give me respectable gains in LBM but with an option to keep my gains after the cycle is over…
I was thinking about starting with d-bol only and then after three weeks to kick with winny in???

Your thoughts, PLEASE!!!

‘… would give me respectable gains in LBM but with an option to keep my gains after the cycle is over’

respectable gains ? with an ‘oral only’ cycle? good luck.


Well since Mag-10 and similar products are now banned, I am assuming this is what the government wants you to do. I say go for it, your liver will love you for it.

If you want look puffy for a few weeks and then lose it all that sounds like a good way to go about it. If you stretch it long enough to maintain gains youu will do too much damage to your liver.

Add some milk thistle, and learn more about injections. Your liver may not fair well with 2 androgens at one time. As far as doses go there are several web sites available to read. Research all available info.

17-AA liver toxicity is highly overstated. Don’t drink while you are on cycle though, and some of that milk thistle stuff or R-ALA may be a good idea.

If I was going to do an all oral cycle It would probably consist of something like this:

15mg dbol ed (Class 2)
75mg winstrol ed (Microsomal AR)
50 mg anavar ed (Class 1)

I would only do this cycle however, in the interest of liver health for a maximum 3-6 weeks.

I purchased milk thistle already and i’ll combine it with Vit. C an maybe I’ll add some NAC as well.

The drinks are not even an option off the cycle, milk thistle purchased, ALA purchased. I am taking every step necessary to protect myself…
Anavar is not an option 'cause it is way to expensive for my poor taste!
If you were going on two short cycles 6 weaks each with d-bol something like this :
Days 1-11: 40 mg/day
Days 12-21: 25 mg/day
Days 22-28: off
Days 29-39: 50 mg/day
Days 40-49: 30 mg/day
Then, a 6 weak rest and after that a 6 weak cycle of Winstrol alone but with no clue about the dosage??? Is it an issue to higher the natural testosteron production after a 6 weak cycle?

Thanx! :stuck_out_tongue:

my government is to ignorant of what I do in my spare time because of the poor state in it… :slight_smile:

i know p22 is fine with all oral cycles but i have to put my .02 in here. there is no need to get started in the steroid game if you will not inject them. you CANNOT simply do orals for ALL cycles and think you will get satisfactory gains and maintain satisfactory health. my suggestion is to research how to properly inject and psyche yourself up to do it. almost none of us here had ever injected anything. it isnt that hard. you are simply injecting into a muscle which is a big target, unlike a vein. show me one succesful sterois user that never injected. show me one pro BB’er or strongman that never injected. exactly, you cant. if you want real, long term success then YOU MUST USE INJECTABLES. orals are good for fine tuning, not doing all of the heavy work.

Man, I’d much rather have my ass pinched a few times than putting my liver at risk, but with D-bol (and correct me if I’m wrong) since it’s a 17AA even if you inject it will affect your liver… any opinions guys?
I’ve never taken any orals but I’ve done ref B and it works wonderful (gave me pretty good density and size). And GUMNUTZA brought up a pretty good point, since MAG 10 is banned now many of us will go back to REAL DEAL…
But man, try to get to some injections in there, besides what are you looking for? Size and strength, getting ripped???

Not everyone’s personal situation is conducive to doing injections - just ask Big Martin. Eventually I sure this guy will want bigger and better gains and will turn to injectables… Injectables are definitely the way to go, and I myself have never not included them in my repetoire. That being said. The dosage for winstrol - if you want good results should be about 100 mg per day - 50 in the morning and 50 in the evening. You may find that the dosages are a little high and orals besides dbol will get a little pricey at times - this is a good time to rethink your all oral cycle, but of course it is completely up to you, I am just giving you advice on what the best way to go about doing it would be P-22


I differ from just about everyone and highly reccomend all oral cycle,but just one oral not 2.
I went from 180pounds to current weight 240pounds over 4 years using 8 week cycles of d,boll only cycle 35mgs a day.
If u require any more info just pm me


guys, thanks a lot!