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D-Bol Weight Gain but No Strength Gain?


Test E/ Equipoise/ D-Bol
Goal of Cycle: (first priority) Strength, (second priority) Mass

I am already finishing up my second week on dbol.

Since Monday I have gained a pound and a half a day, but the strength is barely noticeable.

On previous dbol cycles my strength and weight gain go hand in hand.

The test should start working in a week, so strength gains will not be a factor, but a given.

I am up already 7.5 lbs in two weeks in a 12 week cycle, I know its mostly water weight, but goddamn ; I took dbol for the strength gains mostly!

Just wondering if any dbol users experienced this before?

Give Me The Power!!!lol


What dose are you taking ?

Do you take a larger dose immediately preworkout ?

My strength starts flying high about 4 days into dbol. Ive not really ever heard of anyone not getting strength increases from it.


started at 50 mg, now at 90 mg a day.

30mg to 40mg preworkout

I feel myself getting ready for an explosion, the workouts are becoming easier, but the numbers are not there.

Maybe early next week the surge of strength will hit, all my training partners say that I pushing the weight much faster and make the heavy sets look easy, but the strength effect is not dramatic as before.

I want to increase the dose but the sides might not be worth it.


Same thing happened to me, quite bit of weight gain and no strength gain.


Damn is it a reliable source you got them from? I used to love the D’s, but I gained to much weight with them. I used them 3 or 4 different times and my strength would go through the roof each time. That is odd as hell how many dbol cycles you hit in the past? Could it be receptor downgrade? I am not a scientist but I think that is the word for you did it so much it isn’t shocking your body like it used to.


Hmm at 90 mg/day you definitively should be seeing some strength gains.

Perhaps your simply reaching the point where the easily obtained strength bonuses are no longer as easy to come by.

I stopped getting the ridiculous strength increases after a while, and had to up the dose, but still it was nothing like the first few cycles.

Your probably just beginning to reach a genetic plateau. Dont just keep upping the dose trying to chase the dragon, try a new drug.


Ya… dose isn’t always conductive to results achieved. You wouldnt run 2g of Tren just because 700mg is great.

Anyway, i would think that you have got to a point in your results/training - the glass ceiling i think of it, it can be broken but very slowly and steadily.

I would try some Drol personally - adding a small 25mg dose of winstrol with 100mg drol or something, simply because you are a strength lifter, and may injure- maybe drol and var along with test and tren…

My experience with Dbol is different. I find that at 50mg a day i feel lethargic, tired, unmotivated and back pumps that cease my training due to drastically reduced intensity.
Using 40mg i get these symptoms but less intense, 30mg is better for my comfort.
I get great strength on dbol even these days, but it is limited by pumps and by energy - making it a less than ideal drug for me - making it difficult to complete the training i NEED to do to Grow!

The gains i do get - whether size or strength gains only appear after around 4 weeks for myself.



What have been some of the typical strength increases seen with Dbol? Assuming of course it was run in a TEST based cycle.


I had good dbol on my first cycle 3 x 10mg/d with 580mg/w test e and I have never been that strong and pumped to train. My bench and squat went up at least 30%.


strength wise I gain about 30 to 35 pounds on all my major lifts, and keep all the strength afterwards.
the test should kick in soon, oh well, time to switch to anadrol for future cycles.