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D-bol versus Anadrol


for a kickstart to a standard 10 week test e cycle. which do you guys prefer and why? I know this has been discussed as nauseum in previous threads but perhaps you could enlighten me on a long friday afternoon at work. Thanks.


apples and oranges


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I'd frontload the test personally.. adding the oral after 4-6 weeks after gains begin to stagnate a little (depending on cycle length).

As for the question - it depends on your own body and preferences.. do you prefer (dealing with) the sides that come from a toxic oral that is likely Progestagenic in nature, or one that aromatizes the majority to Estradiol? I know that i fare better with drol, but that is personal preference.

I know that for me, while strength is increased more with Dbol, Gyno and energy is better maintained with Drol.

I know that 100mg of Drol is better in results for my physique than 50mg dbol, but the higher dose needed leaves me with nose bleeds and a swollen prostate. I wouldn't consider using 100mg Dbol - i find 50mg uncomfortable as fuck personally.

JMO - Thats all i can give.


I'm hijacking here but I wonder what your "uncomfortable side" are with 50 mgs of Dbol. I also wonder if the 50mgs was taken all at once of split up throughout the day??????


Not Brook but I know he spreads dose throughout day and suffers from debilitating back pumps at over 40mg/d dbol.




Kickstarts are outdated! I thought that was all in vogue around here.



Have you tried taurine to alleviate these?

Interestingly, a previous cycle of 50mg/d dbol also gave me terrible back pumps. However, this cycle at 30mg I haven't had any problems (not using taurine btw).


No i have never used Taurine, although i heard it works.
I just drop to 30mg instead of 40-50mg/day.. that said, for me it isn't just the back pumps (i used to LOVE the pump on Dbol - when i was much lighter!), it is also the energy and sickness. I just don't feel 'good' on Dbol.

I have read that Drol causes the user to feel lethargic, less hungry, sick in the stomach and suffer crippling back pumps - and Dbol makes one feel 'great' - however these days the opposite is true. The water i get is much easier controlled with Drol (thus lower strength increases), and it increases muscle (a little less that Dbol at 50mg, but Drol better than Dbol at 100mg) just fine.
Dbol makes me feel so shit i can't even face the gym - let alone make use of the strength i have.

That is just me - next time i may (other than switch to Drol/low dose Winny) add some Taurine and some cold and flu tabs (the combo of Paracetamol (APAP), Caffeine and Phenylephrine(sp?) really work wonders for energy and motivation in the gym with ZERO noticable stim/jittery side effects - great for a once a month perk up IMO)



I hear Taurine is very hit and miss for back pumps, but its certainly worth a try. My lower back seems to be prone to this too and is already aggravated on 700mg/w test e. I am adding 3 x 10mg/d dbol next week. I wonder how that's gonna work out?