D-Bol / Var Cycle?

I have some D-bol i picked up from a buddy and some Var left over from a couple cycles. Anyway I was thinking of running these two together in a cycle. Was thinking

D-bol 1-3 30mg ed
D-bol 4-6 40mg ed
Anavar 5-12 80mg ed
Anastrozole 2-6 1mg eod (this would be to prevent blot and bitch tits)

This is all gear I have and was wanting to get your thoughts on what I could get out of it, if it is any good together, if I will need a PCT? I have done one small cycle befor. It was Anavar at 50mg ed for 5 weeks. I really liked what I got out of it. Now I was thinking that I could add in the D-bol (oral) and maybe see some bigger mass gains. Then use the var to build on those and keep them.

All comments welcome. Im sure there will be guys that say go big or go home. lol. I’m not looking to be the biggest guy in the gym I just want to add some nice gains. So post away and give me your thoughts and remember this is all gear I already have.

workout 5 nights a weeks
have lifted for past 6 years. Started out at 165lbs and have built myself up to 215lbs. Looking to get to 230-245 solid.


I skimmed the post.

Run them concurrently.


So for a PCT I was thinking Clomid 50mg ed for 3-4 weeks. What are your thoughts on this? Seeing how my cycle is lower dose and not very hardcore do you think this PCT will be ok, overkill or do I need to do more? Thanks for the help guys.

Also what do you mean by “run them concurrently”? Not to sound dumb, I know what concurrent means. lol But can you explain what you are saying. Thanks

At the same time.