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D-bol / Tren Stack

Hey guys,

Long time lurker and this is my first post. I happen to have both dbol and tren right now and was wondering if there is any benefit to stacking these?

I’m not looking to dose too heavy regardless. 15mg every other day of Dbol and 200mg of Tren/ week.

Any feedback is appreciated.

15 mg eod dbol is a waste. Tren at 200mg/week is a little low but could be used. I would strongly suggest that you hold off on starting anything until you can get more dbol and test to run as a base. Also take some time and planout your PCT. Do not simply run two drugs together because you have them.

What type of tren is it and how what injection protocol did you plan to use?

Regardless of that I would also agree with everything 2thepain has said.

Tren and dbol pair well and are a great combo when used properly. Clearly sneed you are undereducated. Research your products and find out how often and in what quantites you need them. Finally considering adding test and find out why.

why d-bol every other day???
do you know the half life of d-bol?

600mg test e wk/1-12
50mg tren ed wk/1-10
40mg dbol ed wk/3-7

simple and effective