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D-bol to Alcohol (Conversion)


allright, i got 10grams of dbol powder, it is recommended that you mix it into proof grain alcohol, so im not an american etc... and i cant get clear everclear, so is an alcoholic beverage with 80%vol enough to put dbol in it?

i was thinking of making somethig like 20mg/ml

so the point in my question is, does it matter what alcoholic beverage you have as long as it has high alcohol content?

other hints for oral powders conversion is welcome too.


Eighty proof is only 40% alcohol.

At least personally, when I say high-proof alcohol I mean at least 170 proof.

Having 60% water would greatly decrease solubility. Whether it would still be adequate for use, I cannot say.

From general chemical experience having alcohol solutions of other things and adding water to cause precipitation, at least in a lot of cases solubility goes extremely low well before reaching 60% water. So at least in principle it's possibnle solubility would be very poor.

It's not hard to experiment though: take the maximum amount of the alcoholic beverage you would be willing to take, and try dissolving in the dosage you would want to be taking, and see if anything remains after a minute of shaking. If a lot remains, then it's not even close. If it all disappears, try adding more in gradual increments and see how concentrated you can get it.


thank you for response, but this alkohol i have has 80% alcohol content. so i do you think it would be good? if im only trying to make 20mg per ml.


If it is in fact 80% alcohol (which would be 160 proof) then yes solubility may be that good.

It also might be less, depending on the compound, but for example would probably be 5 mg/mL or better for just about anything, as a guess.

But as an illustration, the solubility of 17b-hydroxyadrenosterone -- not the acetate, but the unesterified compound -- in straight isopropyl alcohol (which would be very similar in properties to straight ethanol) was insufficient for the 11-T project. I forget what it was but maybe it was something like 10 mg/mL. In 80% alcohol it would have been considerably worse.

Oxandrolone has a pretty high melting point and might have no better solubility properties.

So 5 mg/mL may not be an unreasonable guess.

It has to be said that solubility is an area requiring experimentation for anything approaching an exact value. An estimate being accurate within a factor of three is a fairly decent estimate, actually, on this particular type of problem.


A long time ago a friend of mine dissolved oxandrolone in everclear. He got the concentration to 20mg/ml. I have no idea what the exact process was and since it was so long ago he doesn't remember either.


If this was the 190 proof Everclear, which I'd tend to expect it was, unfortunately solubility in 160 proof (80% alcohol) would be significantly less. Just how much less cannot be said accurately, though.


well but you think the mgs per ml would be still quite accurate?


No, I said it would be less, and how much less cannot be said accurately. Probably (but not certainly) at least half as good though.


but, lets say im gonna make 20mg per ml, and lets think that solubility sucks ass a bit, then if id drink it, then do i get something like this that iml might contain something between 15-25mg or so? or what happens if the solubility isnt high? its still somewhere in the liquid, but dosages might be inaccurate?


If the solubility is not 20 mg/mL you are not going to GET 20 mg/mL.

It will not be somewhere in the liquid: it will be at the bottom.

If you shake it there will be a brief period -- depending on the particle size, perhaps only a matter of seconds -- while much of it is floating, but it will be likely that any attempt to draw off part of it will either draw more than an average amount of solid, or less.

If you wanted a suspension, oil would be better as the settling rate is far slower. But if the particle size is large it will still be a lousy situation.


Just as a fun idea: by way of warning, I've never tried it.

What one could try would be to attempt to dissolve in as much alcohol as one is willing to use. In your case that is one mL per 20 mg of oxandrolone.

If this is insufficient, as it appears it will be, start adding glycerin. In this case I would try adding an equal volume first. In other words say I'd, as a first test, tried dissolving 100 mg of oxandrolone and being willing to use only that amount of 80% alcohol, therefore used only 5 mL of alcohol.

Now exactly why I'd be so chintzy with the alcohol, I cannot imagine. If I wanted to use 100 mg/day, which is a lot and is more than most use, and I went for 10 mg/mL I'd need only 10 mL alcohol which is one-THIRD of a "drink." And if I divided that into say four doses per day, I'd be having one-TWELFTH of a "drink" each time.

But let's say I am too stubborn and am just dedicated to the proposition that I won't use more alcohol than that.

So in this instance, I first add 5 mL glycerin as well.

This will likely dissolve the remainder. If so, very good.

If not, then it could be left alone, and at least the amount dissolved would be greater and the amount suspended less, and the solution would be much thicker so the settling rate would be much slower, allowing for more accurate dispensing.

Or I could try adding another 5 mL glycerol. (Glycerol = glycerine, btw.)


Yes 190 proof. I didn't know it came in different concentrations


Yes, not all jurisdictions allow the sale of the 190 proof.


Oh wait a sec, I just saw the original post again.

For some reason I had gotten into my head that the OP was wanting to formulate oxandrolone this way. But that is not what his post says. He has methandrostenolone (Dianabol.)

This should have better solubility than oxandrolone. So 20 mg/mL may be possible in the 180 proof. It's fairly likely.

And if the solubility is a little less such that say 100 mL is used per gram of powder (10 mg/mL), since the usual max dose of Dianabol is 50 mg/day, thus requiring 5 mL per day, what is the big deal about taking for example 1 mL of alcohol solution five times per day?

"I want to use steroids but I'm scared of taking 1/30th of one drink. The most I want to take at a time is 1/60th of a drink" ???

(Not that the OP said it that way.)


Lol, Bill you had me confused for a minute there. I kept saying to myself "why the hell is he talking about Anavar? Is this a pet project of his?"


Yes, it must have made no sense.

Turns out I got threads confused -- beebuddy's thread, that I was answering at the same time, actually was about oxandrolone powder that he had, and also was on dissolving it. But I really should have kept track of what was what.


I have used dianabol dissolved in jamaican white rum which i believe was 60%ABV and was stable at 20mg/ml.

2.5ml a day? Fine.

I will try some nice quality vodka at 40%ABV and shoot for 10mg/ml. I think that should do it.. thoughts?



Only experimentation can tell.

Adding water to alcohol, for a substance insoluble in water, is a different situation than is mixing in some other organic solvent.

In the latter case, behavior is pretty proportional. You wouldn't see a drastic change in solubility from a percentage change such as you are talking about: e.g. 40:60 acetone/hexane would almost certainly dissolve at least half as much of something soluble in acetone as would 60:40 acetone/hexane.

But with water and alcohol, not so. At first the effect is fairly proportional, but then typically a critical zone is reached where small added amounts of water greatly reduce solubility.

So one just doesn't know, till trying.


My vote is for whiskey. Vodka and rum can go fuck themselves.


I just got done mixing up 20mg/ml Dianabol in 63%, 126 proof alcohol and it is stable, no particles whatsoever.

However, it tastes horrible!


I used rum and I agree with you, it will be whiskey from now on!