D-Bol Timing

Ok, so i train as a power lifter and have started taking d-bol leading up to my next competition.
I train early mornings before work and i hear that d-bol kicks in strong after the first 3 hours of taking it.
When should i take it to get the best strenth gains?
should i take it the night before around 9pm and then i lift at 5am??

ive gotten good results from 45-60min preworkout

[quote]Mr. Walkway wrote:
ive gotten good results from 45-60min preworkout [/quote]
ok, sick so if i wake up and pop it i should be fine…cool i will give that a try tomarrow.

I usually will take it an hour or two before

WW, BUDS, the whole days dose? 1/2? 1/4?

the whole dose… I don’t take orals anymore tho

Limit your cycles to less than 6 weeks to minimize liver toxicity.

Because the half-life of d-bol is around 4-6 hours, some divide their daily dose into three or four smaller doses taken throughout the day.