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D-Bol + Test Eth + Anavar Newbie Help Please!!


Curious on when to add in the anavar to a cycle, I try and do as much research and such as I am a newb to the whole process. I am coming across dfferent and conflicting answers. I have heard to add the anavar in low dose(25mg) to the daily routine of the 40mg of D-Bol and the Test (250mg)twice weekly after the initial few weeks of the cycle, and other say add it in(50mg) after the dbol 4 week cycle is completed. Any help would be appreciated.

Also what pct is the best for this combo?

Thanks in advance


PCT in stickies.

What’s your goal for this cycle and how long is the cycle?


I am looking to put on lean muscle and gain a bit of weight. The cycle is 4 weeks of dbol, 6-8 weeks of test and run the anavar after I have the proper info.

Also the pct info is vast and just wondered if there was a best therapy for this combo or just go with one of the two normal ones
Thanks again


Are u saying ur gonna use test after 4 weeks of dbol?


Lay out your exact cycle plan, stats, and diet.


If your going for lean hard look. Save your cash and get rid of the Bol
And correct me if I’m wrong 250mg a week?
Better off going 3 weeks anavar 75mg
4th week bump to 100mg
12 weeks of test e at 500mg buddy…
Pct keep it simple
Clovis,hcg and arimidix tof control estrogen


6-8 weeks of test introduced after the 2nd week of D-Bol in a four week cycle either combined with anavar for the entire run or added on the end. I am confused as I have read to do the anavr with the test and dbol and reduce the dbol to every other day and then somewhere else, I read to introduce it 6 or 7 days after the dbol is completed. I am using milk thistle and anti estro throughout.


U should read more before starting this in my opinion… There are stickies on top in the forum for information u need to know…