D-bol + Test E. With Nolva & Adex

week 1-6 dianabol
4-8 test enanthate
6-12 armidex and nolva dex?

sounds good?






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and points to you because that was funny so ill definitely contribute what i can

You have got to be joking, right?

To the O.P.:

Post your stats, i.e. height, weight, age, years training etc.

And read the stickied threads.

I’m definetly not an expert but if your looking to do a Test E/d-bol cycle (I’m assuming this is your first cycle), I’d go:

W 1-12 Test E 500mg/week
W 1-4 D Bol 30mg/day
W 3-12 ADEX .25mg EOD (or as needed)

as for the nolva, you will want to use that AFTER your cycle is complete. Usually you would use it 4 weeks at about 20mg a day, but that can vary. It can also change if your planning on doing a taper. It all depends on what direction you want to go with your PCT. Do some research on it though.