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D-bol / Test-e Cycle


Let me know your thoughts on this cycle.

workout 5 nights a week
lifting for 6 years

D-bol 1-4 30mg/ed (oral)
Test-e 1-10 500mg/w
Anastrozole 1-10 .5mg/ed (or could I do 1mg/eod because they come in 1mg tabs?)
Clomid 12-16 50mg/ed (PCT)

Should I add in anything to help the liver cope? I also have some Var would it do any good to add it in here somewhere or just save it? I am new to this so any help would be great. I have done one cycle of Var only before. Please post your thought guys. Thanks a lot.

I have a great workout plan and my diet is as close to spot on as I can seem to get it. I am now at the point that I think I am ready to try a cycle. I have done months and months of reading and worked from 165lbs up to 215lbs over the past couple years. I am at the point where the new guys at the gym look to me for workout advice. Seems like I was the new guy just yesterday. Anyway I want my first cycle to be a good one. So I am here looking to tap into the vast amount of knowledge thats here to be uncovered.

Thanks for the help.


Looks good, the only things that I would change would be Adex .5mg EOD and use nolva instead of clomid for pct.

Perhaps consider a frontload on the test E.


Ok let me add some more to my OP.


I am 35 and have been lifting 4-6 days a week for the past 4 years. before that I lifted 3-4 days a week for 2 years. I was an all American in HS so I have always been in good shape. Over the past couple of years I have really stepped up my training and taken it to the next level. I am 5-11 and 215 lbs. I have ran one cycle before. It was a anavar only cycle. I did 50mg/ed for 5 weeks.

Proposed Cycle:

D-bol 1-4 30mg/ed (oral)
Test-e 1-10 500mg/w (250mg twice a week)
Anastrozole 1-10 .5mg/eod
Nolva 12-16 40/40/20/20mg/ed (PCT)


My goal is to get over this platto that I have hit. I am looking to put on size, weight, and add strength. I'm not looking to be the biggest guy in the gym in the next few months. Im simply looking to make some good gains that I can build on.

I hope That with this info you guys with some knowledge with post some comments on here and give me some good advice. Thanks for the help. Is this a better post with more info Bonez?


Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on this?


looks fine