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D-Bol Suppression


Just been doing some reading. I came across this interesting bit of info. After talking to a guy in my gym that told me he does 30mgs of DBol on work out days only. And does this for 2-3 weeks.
He claims to have been doing this successfully for years. NO PCT no HCG or anything of that kind. Just some tribulus at the end of the cycle.

I asked regarding sides or anything like that. He said no. Just muscle gains. Its in an out of his body so fast that nothing happens cause of its short half life.

I thought, ok buddy lets see what happens when you get estrogen rebound on your off training days, shutdown more sides etc.

So I do a little more reading on the subject cause I thought I might learn something to tell the guy. Then I came across this.

Here is where the info comes from..

Now would this guy not be lying regarding his sides from dbol use? Or is it that D-Bol is not as suppressive as one would think or has been lead to believe?


Orals clear the system quickly.

A low dose in the morning can be used for quite some time.

And using it preworkout, say 3 times a week would take a while to cause serious supression.

Problem is, different doses affect people differently, and dbol does aromatize.

Its more effective, safer, and easier to run in cycles with AI’s, stacked with other androgens.


It may be something useful for him to get a better overall work out, however its very unlikley that this is helping him to gain and retain muscle from this protocol.


How many days does he work out? If he does 30mg 3x/wk and especially in the morning(according to Bill Roberts) he probably won’t get shut down much at all. Even if he does it every day, 2-3 weeks isn’t that long so you could probably do it and not take nolvadex or hcg after and be ok. Then take 3-4 weeks off and start all over again. That is for suppression and recovery, as far as making and keeping gains on that program, who knows?