D-bol? Similar

hey i dont want to offend anyone but a buddy told me this was a pretty good site for info as well as networking. from what i have seen hes right. wondering if anyone in the DC area had any connections for getting some D-bol. not looking for that crap on legalsteroids.com either. real d-bol or something similar. baltimore/DC area. i understand that we can send personal messages too so if people dont want to do the laundry in public go ahead and send me a message. thanks everyone. ps im 5’9" 219lbs 11% so im not a new commer- thanks

This is not the wat to go about it. Just keep researching. I am sure if you hang around any gym long enough you will find what you need.

well that buddy of yours gave you a load of bullshit

good for info? yes great info, but not a source to get you some gear, I agree with what wolar stated. Happy hunting


uses his first post to ask for a source… either stupid or… well stupid.

sorry for being stupid guys. i figured with all these people in the STEROID forum posting about using it wouldnt be that far fetched for someone to throw me a bone here. then again bodybuilding is by far the most competitive backstabbing sport ive come across. that and possibly the sport of “girls”.

Did anybody else notice that this is the second concurrent post asking for illegal substances in D.C. area?

Dude its not about back stabbing or being competitive its about not going to jail!

Dude it is not about back stabbers. There is an unwritten code of ethics so to speak in bodybuilding. We never talk about another person or bad mouth him or her regarding AAS. In my experiences, most of us follow it, a select few do not.

Likewise, we seldom openly discuss sources, methods, or any subject that may implicate us in illegal behavior. There are people in my gym whom I compete against and really can’t stand(who also sell AAS), but I never bad mouth them regarding AAS. I might crack on his legs but never, never, never the AAS.

well said wolar, well said

Why won’t anyone break the law for me?! All I did was ask total strangers to commit a felony and you all turned on me!

I should have known all you pretty, pretty girls would be heartless bitches! You’re all evil bitches!

(Seriously, dude. If you don’t understand why people are not willing to sell you/point out ILLEGAL drugs over the fucking internet, then you might very well be dumber than you sound. Which is pretty.

Stop being a bitch and think for a second.)