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D-Bol Side Effects


I was just wondering if anyone out there has suffered any side effects with taking d-bol. I currently just started a little cycle of 10mg a day and it is my first time, didn't want to start with anything too big and my buddy at the gym just suggested i give this a try. Was just looking for a little feed back


A little cycle of an oral only dbol cycle? First off, I've gone as high as 50mg/day and the only side effect was that I was moving heavier weights around and the back pumps were hitting me with a fury. Secondly, prepare for the inferno that awaits if you indeed have embarked on a dbol only cycle. Oh god, I just finished reading your post, you have. Well dude I'm going to say this cuddly like: The gains wont will leave as fast as they came. Cut it out, do some research and try again. No rubber tortilla this time.


sorry not trying to be a douche or anything i have done research and everything and i have looked into things but i was still a little hesitant. That is why i am only doing a little oral steroid just to break the ice if you will. I was just wondering if you could clarify what you meant by the inferno to come. Sorry i know i am inexperienced but that is why i posted on here to see if i could get a little guidance.


I don't know if my advice will be up to par with the society we have hear on this forum, but in order to 'test the waters' I would choose a much milder compound. A "Happy Meal" oral steroid. Namely some sort of OTC prohormone. You don't sound like a douche but you young. What are you planning when coming off, PCT wise? Duration of on cycle? Like I said your testing the waters with a powerful, sometime not very user friendly drug that can and possibly will snap back and bite you. Other posters wont be as patient as I when it comes to this kind of ordeal.


Because any gains you make will be hard to hold on to. Also the fact that people 'breaking the ice' with an oral steroid generally haven't done enough research. Do you believe that an oral is going to be 'safer' than an injectable?

Personally, breaking the ice would be using Test since it's something your body already produces.

10mg/day is probably going to do very little for you, I'm not sure on this but it may even shut your natural test production down. If you're gonna shut yourself down might as well make it worth your while and using test.

There are some oral cycles laid out in the stickies at the top of the forum.

I used dbol at 30mg/day along with 500mg test E/week. The dbol gave me a great start but also painful back pumps and some water retention. The latter can be controlled with an AI like arimidex. I find I need 0.5mg/day or more to get water anywhere near I'm comfortable. Using 1mg/day atm with no adverse effects.


Not a good idea in my opinion.

1) Gains made with dbol in the absence of testosterone tend to vanish as quickly as they appeared.

2) Your profile has you at 25% body fat. dbol tends to be bloating.

3) Such a small dosage will produce marginal effects at best, and may disrupt your natural production. That means if you don't do PCT, you may find yourself mentally and physically messed up until your body finds its way back to equilibrium. That includes libido disruption, depression, etc.

That said, it won't kill you. Why not profit from all of our trials and tribulations? Why fall into the newb pitfalls? This can all be avoided by reading the stickies (first 5 threads with little icon beside them) on the steroid forum. A couple hours of your time that is well worth it.



Whether 10mg of dbol per day is a good idea or not is irrelevant. This kid has been training for less than one full year. There is no way he should be using steroids at this point.

OP: how about you get with the program and at least posts stats, goals, your full cycle plan.


A co-worker of mine is blowing up on 20-30mg Dbol per day. Mind you, he is a seasoned lifter and has great genetics. 18"-18.5" arms.

He's also been on a number of low dose cycles before hand... test, masteron, Drol, etc... Afterwards he's going on a 200mg test per week cruise, to maintain his fitness for some testing he has coming up.

You can't say dbol only cycles are useless for all people all the time. I'd put 10mg of Dbol per day against any "legal" supplement.


I done told you son, I'm not the only guy on here.


I cannot imagine that any of the currently available "prohormones" (which generally are not prohormones) would be recommended over Dianabol for anyone.


Yeah, even 10mg is better than any legal supplement. Still, what a waste to only take 10mg. 10mg is going shut down your natural test production about as much as 50 mg. But you won't get nearly the gains. My advice...I've you've already started a dbol-only cycle, at least kick the dose up to 50 mg /day. If you're going to cycle, you might as well get some benefit out of it.


I see no mention of a PCT.

Oral only cycles, dbol included, are not a complete waste with a proper PCT.

Just mostly a waste, youll still keep a few pounds.

But I dont see the words SERM used in this guy's post, so hes likely headed for trouble.

And I dont recommend 50mg/day dbol with no AI, that may be asking for issues if hes gyno prone.


Use the 2 week on, 2 week off approach. Include a SERM in those two weeks off(Clomid and/or Nolvadex). Dosage of dbol should be at 50mg per day split in 2 doses. Half life of d bol is between 5 to 6 hours. Repeat for 3 times i.e you will have something like this:

Week 1 and 2-50mg dbol ED (split in 2 doses)
Week 3 and 4-20mg tamoxifen citrate or 50mg Clomid
Week 5 and 6-50mg dbol ED (split in 2 doses)
Week 7 and 8-20mg tamoxifen citrate or 50mg Clomid
Week 9 and 10-50mg dbol ED (split in 2 doses)
Week 11 and 12-20mg tamoxifen citrate or 50mg Clomid

Some may argue that 2 weeks between each cycle is not necessary. 1 Week should be enough, but better be safe.

Milk thistle run through all the cycle. Some taurine will help with back pumps if you experience any.

That's the only protocol I'd use if going to do another dbol only. 6 weeks AND pct without test normally results in most of the gains made being lost. This should in theory minimize testicle atrophy and hence allow for better hormonal recovery. There is a huge difference between staying 2 weeks on and 3 weeks on in this regard. Stick with it. If I'm correct Bill (or Cy Willson) had written an article suggesting this type of intake plan with oral only.

My 2 euros.


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Actually 10mg Dbol taken in the AM doesn't effect HTPA shutdown very heavily, due to it's short half-life (~4 hours). Many guys have used low dose AM Dbol protocols to help them deal with hypogonadism effects during PCT.

The short half-life of Dbol doesn't appreciably effect recovery, while keeping their androgen levels up for optimal mood and sexual function.


I can vouche for that one for sure. Not on cycle dosages though.


Good to know for future reference...


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