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D-bol Questions

i was wondering about using dbol.what to take with it and so on. i stopped workin out for about a month and a half and wanna start hard and heavy again. all advice is welcome


D-bol is great for getting big, bloated, and strong. It’s crude, but good for strength. I personally don’t like staying on d-bol for longer than six weeks, because the side effects are on the heavy side(gyno, hair loss etc.)

Checked your info and saw you’re 260 lbs. What BF% do you think you’re at right now? If a bit on the high side you might be better off to lose some BF
before going on AAS.

Some more info regarding training, diet, age, how long you’ve been training, etc, etc would also be helpful.

BTW, saw it was your first post…Welcome to T-Nation. To save you from being flamed, try to wear out the search button, read, read and read.

Not fun for the “old-timers” here to get the same questions again after they’ve been answered dussins of times. Do your home-work and everybody here will be more than happy to help.

also what are your goals, want to get strong? want to get big? want to get fast? want to gain wheight? want to loose weight?

its generaly accepted that d-bol only cycle are prety dumb, i tend to agree up to a point, for 90% of the people d-bols only poses an unecessery and uneeded risk, meaning there other safer and more efficient (not to mention in the long run cheaper) whays to achieve your goal.

its like having a car and a horce. You could take the horce, and you would get where you want. It would take longer, it would be slower and messier, horce eating a but load of food, shiting everything etc…

I don’t think people realize how toxic dbol can be. You need to read everything about this drug that you can before taking it. Personally, i wouldn’t take it alone, as you will lose most of your gains very quickly due to the fact that alot of the weight gained is water.(hence the bloated look)my 2cents

actually the toxicity of dianabol is greatly excagereted. The problem with dbol only cycles is bung for bung or lack thereof no toxicity.

i dont get why it sould be less toxic at the same dose for 8 weeks in a 12 weeks cycle stacked with some other long ester.

pros and atheltes in the 60’s and 70’s actually never came off of dbol, i dont see any one of them dead…

I just got off a 4 week d-bol as a jumpstart to my test cycle. first-timer. my nipples were sensitive all the way thru - sometimes rock-hard. I started nolva 10 days ago but not soon enough apparently. i now have a tender, hard lump next to my nipple.

Does anyone know if it will go away???

up the dosage of Nolva to 20mg a day until it starts to subside, and yes, it will go away.