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D-Bol Questions

First off I would like to clarify I am not attempting to do a d-bol only cycle. I am researching to eventually do a test + dbol cycle, but am not sure about the dbol side of things yet, I want to learn more about how and why it works the way it does.

I am curious as to why d-bol only will typically result in largely lost gains post cycle. From my reading it sounds like dbol results more water weight/glycogen than other substances (but also not entirely either)

And more importantly how that relates to a test + dbol cycle. A lot of people seem to like the combo because dbol allows rapid immediate gains before the test kicks in fully. What will the final result be, do those gains stick around, how does that work?

I was reading in the Anabolics 2006 book but they seemed to have differing opinions from what i have read on this forum. I have read a few times that d-bol is not really counterfeited but in the book it said plainly to stay away from Spanish Dbol. Also they recommended a dosage of 20-30mg and to avoid higher dosages which seems to differ from many of the posts here. (I understand differing opinions but those seemed to be in stark contrast)

I apologize if these questions have been covered, I have been reading this forum quite a bit and while dbol only is not looked upon kindly, I am curious as to the actual mechanics of why, and also why a dbol+test cycle is recommended.

Read up a bit on Class I and Class II androgens and how they relate to the androgen receptor.

Do a search here and read some of the articles on mesomorphosis.

If you have any specific questions after that post them. Not that your questions are stupid, but I think that reading about the above topic will answer many of them.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Time to do some more reading

Many of the posts here do in fact advocate 30-40mg/day which is lots for most people.

There will be many differing views regaring dosages and what people do in fact say works.

You also must take into consideration that Anabolics 06 was in fact written close to 4 years ago. Many ideas and fundamentals have changed in that amount of time.

[quote]fishebulb wrote:

I have read a few times that d-bol is not really counterfeited but in the book it said plainly to stay away from Spanish Dbol. [/quote]

Dbol is immensely popular so it is frequently counterfeited. For that matter, almost everything is highly counterfeited (or faked), with the general exception being the common Test esters, which are so cheap to produce that there’s almost no need.