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D-Bol Question?

Can anyone give me some knowledge/info on 10mg d-bol pills. They are white with trianlges on them. THe pill itself is circular. Any help would really make a difference. Thank You T-Maggers

They sound like 5mg naposims to me. Are they kind of convex on both sides (not flat but rounded out a little bit)?

Naposim dbol. They’re Romanian.

They sound like Naposims alright. If they really are, they should be 5mg per tab, not 10mg.

Naposim “Romanian” dbol. Should be 5mg per pill, not 10mg like everyone stated. White, triangle on one side, convex, and about as big as a bic pen cap in diameter.

Is it heart shaped 'cos i’ve used heart shaped 10mg D-Bol pills.They are thai, Danabol.They are effective.

Heart sharped? The only other Dbol I have seen come from Thai is Methandon. These too are 5mg tabs… and NOT heart shaped.

i think he meant “heart shaped” as in pentagon