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d-bol question

Okay upon the advice of some of the other guys in here I have dropped Deca from my upcoming cycle and added D-bol. I have read up on it from previous post and found some valuable info. My question is, how do I know what amount is right for ME? I can’t really judge what amount will work for me by what others are doing. Is there a good starting point and maybe I can increase from there? Please give me actual info, I am truly sorry if you have answered this question a 100 times, but I am only trying to do things the right way rather than the easy. Thanks guys.

a good starting point if this is your first time is 25mg-30mg per day. do this for about six weeks. majority of the ppl will tell you 50mg per day but this may be high if its your first time. also you can do dbol for 3 weeks at 30-50mg and switch to 75 mg of winstrol per day for the remainder of the cycle. this will also give you good results. it may also help to list your stats in the future.

hey thanks for the reply man, sorry about the stats. I have posted a few times and didn’t know to keep posting stats everytime. I am 6’3’ up to 235 now roughly 10-11%bf. My cycle will consist of thus far
aratest 250
eq 400
dbol (in place of deca)
clomid to run for 2 months post cycle
I appreciate the info, I saw alot of post about 50 mg a day but I didn’t know how that would affect me being as i have never taken it before. I just wanted to start at a lower dosage and build up from that. thanks again man

milk thistle i also recommend and no alcohol if taking orally to help prevent liver damage

Yeah I think you’re approach makes sense. Causes its an oral (short halflife) it is well suited to adjusting dosage as required.

Most people do 40-50mg/day of dbol. I can’t handle that much. I’m currently in the middle of a cycle with 20mg/day. I can’t handle any more than that and I’ve even thought about dropping down to 15mg/day. It’s all personal preference of what different individuals can handle.


another good idea for your cycle there is to through some HCG after the third week to keep your boys in check. 250iu on sat and sun till you finish.

I’m nearing the end of my Sust-Tren-Dbol cycle and I had to drop the quantity of Dbol. I started at 35mg per day in the 3rd week (after 2 weeks of Anadrol) and dropped it down to 20mg per day at the 5 week (This in total is a 9 week cycle). I had no choice, the lower back pumps were intolerable. I could hardly shrug, row, or deadlift on back days. All I can say is, experiment. We all have different tolerances to certain chemicals… some are comfortable with 15mg per day, others with 50mg. Good luck.

I’d say start low and move up if you need!

For me, 20mg dbol/day is plenty in a cycle with test. Higher than that nukes my lower back - on just 30mg/day, people at the gym would wonder why on leg day I’d be wincing in pain just picking up a 45lb plate!

I am truly grateful for all of the info, it’s all valuable in my opinion. I think I will start with 15mg in the first week or two and increase dosage as needed. Thanks again guy’s

I’d do 50 mg a day. I mean, if you’re already gonna do it make it worth it. 50 mg a day is not something really high but neither soemthing that soft, I guess it’s just a happy medium.