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D-bol Powder


Never messed with powders before, I imagine that high proof alcohol is a must for suspension, but if I am wrong on that please help. I saw one post where a dude used mouthwash..lol wtf?? anyways any help is appreciated. thanks bros....


You dont want to make a suspension. You want to make a solution.

Use google.


As bones mentioned, solution is best, but if for some reason you want to make a suspension (can't get high proof ethanol, can't tolerate alcohol...whatever), you can make a suspension with glycerin thinned with water to the desired viscosity. The heavier viscosity helps the powder stay in suspension longer after you shake it up


thanks 4 the replys i'm just gonna throw 1.5g in 30 ml of 151.... i take it the hormone dissolves nicely with alcohol?


is there a way to rep people on this forum?


I ALWAYS use 151 and have excellent results up to and including 100 mg./ml


Yep. Lots of guys doing this exact thing. Even plain ole 100 proof will hold quite a bit.

In Texas I can buy Everclear in like fucking grocery stores and shit, theres drive throughs and shit too. Its perfect for our purposes, just plain, pure, nothing in it but alcohol.

Use the highest proof you can get with the least other shit added into it, flavoring and sugar and such.

Measure with a syringe. Dilute in syringe with water so you dont gag, squirt and swallow.