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D-Bol Only First Cycle Questions

I’m planning to do a Dbol only cycle for 4 weeks and I wanted to check out with yall.
I’m 26, been training for 3 years, 160 lb, 6"

The main reason I chose a short D-bol cycle instead of Test, is due to limited time. Unfortunately, I’ll be residing for a month in my home country where steroids are legal and there’s no way to smuggle needles and stuff through the airport, at least I wouldn’t take the risk. Anyway

Here’s what I’m planning

First two days - 10 mg
Next 5 days - 20 mg
Remaining three weeks - 30 mg ED

I plan on running Proviron 20 mg during the cycle


  • Week 1 - 20 mg ED
  • Week 2 - 20 mg ED
  • Week 3 - 10 mg ED
  • Week 4 - 10 mg ED


Negative ghost rider

Just eat more for those four weeks, you’ll have better long term results than using dbol. You’ll keep practically nothing from your cycle plan and in exchange for that you’ll mess yourself up for a few months. It’s not a good risk/reward profile. Just wait until you can do a cycle that includes test and then do it for real. If you want to. Maybe you end up not doing it because you’ll realize that at your size you need food more than you need steroids.


You are probably right indeed, but I’m getting demotivated, literally no matter how much I eat
and I eat at least 4000 calories a day, I still struggle to gain weight… I’m starting to feel like there’s
something wrong with me, honestly.

Im not a hard gainer I gain fat and muscle very easy.

I said that to say 4000 calories isn’t shit. When I bulk I bulk on atleast 5000 probably closer to 6.

All the dbol in the world won’t help you gain if you can’t eat more.

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Don’t do it! A short oral only cycle will be worthless.

4000 calories is under my maintenance level; but to be fair, I’m bigger than you. When I was bulking 6,000 wasn’t unheard of; I know people who have to eat almost double that. If you’re not gaining you need to eat more.

If you really want to get into performance enhancing drugs then inject Test. But make sure your training and diet is on point first.

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