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D-Bol Only Cycle or Possibly Stacking


Money is a bit tight right now so when a buddy of mine came up to me with a good price on d-bol I went ahead and grabbed some up. I'm thinking of doing a d-bol only cycle since I'm still a ways off from shelling out more for some test. I know there's a lot of people against d-bol only cycles but I've seen friends get some surprising results out of them and keep a decent amount of the gains.

I was thinking of doing 20mg for about 5 weeks, maybe a bit longer. I've read a lot of back and forth and was thinking about taking 20mg of nolvadex during my cycle and for three weeks after. After I was finished with the cycle I was thinking of starting up on 20mg of clomid for the three weeks I was on the nolvadex to hopefully cover all of my bases and help keep as much of my gains as possible. I'm looking to build purely mass and gain strength from my steroid use.

I'm not looking to cut, at least not at the moment, especially with the water retention from dbol. I'm also keep my cycle relatively conservative since this will be my first use of steroids and I simply want to see how my body reacts to them. I'm mainly confused about the use of PCT drugs since I've found conflicting information on dosages and times to implement them. Just could use a nudge in the right direcion.

One more question I have regarding a dbol only cycle is to how often I take it. I have 10mg tabs and was going to split my dosage to one tab a day since dbol only lasts a few hours. I was thinking of taking it about an hour during my workout and also before bed.

I typically lift 4 days a week. Monday and Tuesday, and Thurday and Friday, with Wednesday and the weekends off. I've read about some cycles to where people either take half the dosage they normally do on off days or sometimes don't take it at all. Just wondered if anybody had some insight on this.

Background information:
Age: 24
BF%:Around 11% or 12%


Read the stickies. Thanks.


Already read the stickies and quite a bit of information from other sources and found several different schools of thought and some conflicting information, thus my confusion. If it's too much to ask for peoples opinion and personal experience on this board, then this place is pretty useless.


I know some guys who do just fine. I actually know one guy who only does orals and gets good results, as he is one of the best out there in powerlifting.

The problem is it is hard to keep the gains.

A friend of mine only takes it pre workout, none on off days. He likes it like that better, no bloat.

PCT do 4 weeks of nolva

The better option is, just wait until you get test as well.... and use it then.