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D-bol Only Cycle at 17. Tips and Advice?

Im 17 years old, about 71kg, been working out for 3 years and is looking to compete. Im thinking of a 20mg d-bol dose per day for 4 weeks and then a 50mg clomid pct per day for 2 weeks. Any advice?

Just say no! I’m sure others will chime in soon. You are probably not going to like the response.

Please be a troll post and not for real.



The fact that you have to ask shows your ignorance. I’m sure all your little 17 year old gym buddies talk about gear and how big they are gonna get, etc. But the reason nobody will support you is because at 17 your T levels are about as high as they are ever going to be and you’re not even finished growing! The only drug you need is fucking food! So you’re 17 and 150 pounds and you want to start gear? Nobody is going to support your decision because you havent put in the time yet, you havent paid your “dues” yet, and you will likely fuck up your endocrine system.

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stupid. no.

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To make your case why don’t you post your real daily diet and training here so others can see what you are doing now before taking the gear?

Learn how to train and eat like a pro, don’t stop, wait at least 5 years and see how you look. Seriously, 17 and working out for 3 years, absolutely not.

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