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D-bol Near End of Cycle?

I am currently 5 weeks thru my cycle of:
1-12 Testosterone cyp @ 750mg a week
2-10 Tren ace @ 75mg ed
1-12 aromasin 12.5mg ed
I know that most people run D-bol in the begining of there cycle. But what is your take on running it say in my cycle weeks 6-10 @ 30mg ed? Just curious being as I’ve never seen anyone use it this way.
Please I’m not looking to have my cycle critiqued; just want to know if anyone has used D-bol this way & if not why. Thanks bro’s…

I mean the general purpose of dbol as you know is to jumpstart however there really isnt any problem running it on the back side, especially if you wanna start week 10 and run it up until week 14. This way…while your waiting to start your pct because you arent injecting since you need two weeks inbetween last injection and pct, you have the dbol still running and your still growing.

Very interesting tibzer; that is why I like good feed back. So that I and others might learn somthing new. I never thought of using it like that! Keeping the growing going is def a good thing. Any other opinion’s?