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D-BOL In Iraq


I tried everything to talk my buddy out of using D-BOL and Winni V. He has no knowledge of the supplement. I think he got from legalsteroids.com.

Anyways, I need some help to get information on D-BOL and Winni V so he will not hurt himself. He is very stubborn and wont listen to me. So I am not just going to let him take it without knowledge of the supplement. I would use the search engine but I am overseas in Iraq and limited to computer use.

I am asking for help from you experience users.

I know how to diet and confident in my knowledge on dieting. What else is a factor on taking these kind of supplements? Is there a better diet to go around with D-Bol and Winni V?

Please, help me out as much as you can.



Let him take them, they wont do jack shit


Anything from legalsteroids.com is bunk. Aside from a stomache ache, it won't do shit to the kid. Might thin out his wallet though.


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And another one bites the dust.