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D-BOL FOR 1st cycle

alright guys here it is im 5’10 and about 200 lbs. Im in a cuttign cycle right now and im trying to get down to around 190-185, i have been lifting for 5 yrs. now bla bla bla…ok after this cutting cycle i am going to be trying a bulking cycle i have never really tried an all out bulking diet/workout plan, b/c i was always fat (263) in highschool so now im going to be about ready for some big time muscle gains…i was considering getting some mag 10 but i have a source and can get anything i want, my goal is to get up to around 215 and 7-10% body fat as soon as possible, my source suggested that i just start taking some d-bol and say fuck the mag 10 what is your opinions…

how old are you?

Hmmm, a Dbol only cycle…how original. You say you can get anything? Why would dbol be the only thing you want?

Mag-10 would be safest.

Let me refer you also to rule #6.

“6) Don’t just do oral if your going to start then do it RIGHT.”

OK not trying to be a dick here but listen to your post. You’re on a cutting cycle. Then you want to do a bulking cycle. You can get whatever you want but you chose mag 10 for your mass cycle and at the advice of your knowledgable dealer you’re thinking of taking D bol. The cutting cycle you are on now, what does it consist of?

Interesting post… to say the least. D-bol makes a great first cycle, however I would add something to it, like test or even tren. Tren/d-bol/test is in my humble opinion one of the best bulking cycles. You could also consider test/eq/d-bol.