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D-Bol First Cycle

I am getting ready for my first cycle. I am 6’4", 200lbs and around 13% BF. I am wanting to put on some decent size, like 15-20 total pounds during the cycle. I am going to take D-bol(I have it already) either by pyramiding from 10mg/day up to 25mg/day and back down to 10mg/day for 7 weeks, or just 20mg/day for 6 weeks.
I am afraid that I’ll just lose most of my gains when I’m done though. Will this be ok, or should I just scrap the D-bol and get some Sus or Test? Thanks for any help.

Its your first cycle make it your best cycle.Test/Tren/Dbol would make a very good first cycle.

dont take anything just yet bro. looks like you have a little learning to do first. its not wise to start playing before you learn the game.

Yeah, learn. Your last sentence gave away the fact that you are kind of new to this. If you want to know what I mean, then go read dude. You will be MUCH happier when you jam that needle into you if you know what is going to happen and when. Not trying to dog ya, just letting you know that having knowledge will make your cycle much better.

You must be well liked you have not been flamed yet, either that or all the planets are in alignment. Listen to the advice. Hang around and read for awhile and learn alot and I gaurantee whoever told you about the pyramiding scheme you will want to beat the snot out of them. To answer your question, you are not going to keep your gains if you do not know how to come off of AAS. That is where all the reading and research come into play. Use the search engine and try Steroids for dummies, no it is not a joke.

Ok, I just read “Steroids for Dummies”. I really do know more about this than I made it sound. By no means do I know everything about them, but I do know some.
With that said, I want to clarify what I am going for. I am only looking to gain 10 lbs of lean mass, and I’m not overly conserned about putting some fat on while I’m on it.
What would be the effective dose of say Test that I could take to reach my goal?

500mgs/wk of cyp. 30mgs/ed of dbol. adex and clomid as usual