I’m planning a mass-cycle for the winter (test-enanthate and d-bol). With the test, I’m planning to do 1000mg per week for 12 weeks (2000mg front-load week 1). My question is with the d-bol, because I’ve never used it before. I hear that you’re not supposed to take d-bol for longer than 4 weeks, and then you need at least a 4 week break. On my last cycle (12 weeks), I noticed that my progress really plateaued in the last 4 weeks. I also wanted to “kick start” this cycle, so here’s my plan: I’ll take 50 mg a day for the first 4 weeks, take a 4 week break, and then finish off the last 4 weeks with 50 mg per day (running the test straight through the 12 weeks). BTW, I plan on taking 1/2 mg liquidex (anastrazole) per day throughout this cycle, and heavy clomid post. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, but especially from the vets (hint, hint, drago…)

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why dont you run test and tren throughout, and the d-dol the 1st 4 weeks? the tren and d-bol will be all the kickstart you need.

I’m still experimenting with this idea, but once you’ve plateau, is there really a point in continuing?

I’m thinking of cutting my 8 weekers back to 6 or even 3-4. If you’re injecting all kinds of juice and getting no lbm gain, you’re just wasting gear and asking for sides.

I don’t have any tren. I’ve got two options there: do some “kit-work” (which I have no experience in), or buy some for a ridiculous price. Either way, I don’t know if its worth it.

I don’t have any tren. I’ve got two options there: do some “kit-work” (which I have no experience in), or buy some for a ridiculous price. Either way, I don’t know if its worth it.

dude is it worth it? are you crazy? it is a piece of cake to make tren from a kit. you can get a boat load of gear for a rediculously low price. all the info you need to make it at home is available here on the forums just do a search.

OK, Warhorse, maybe “plateau” wasn’t the right word. I was still making lbm gains, and my poundages were still going up…just not like they were the first 8 weeks.

You can take Dbol for six weeks. Also bear it in mind that if you do enantate for 12 solid weeks you could consider yourself still “on” d/t the ester for about 3 weeks following your last injection. Most of your serious gains from this cycle will be made by week 5 so I would recomend doing just a 6-7 week cycle since a longer cycle will subject yourself to deeper suppression.

Here is how you should do this:
Front load the enantate @ double your weekly dose in the first week, take your dbol at 50 mg per day but your last injection of enantate should be about middle of week 4, last dbol should be the end of week 6.
Start your clomid therapy about mid week 7. I also recomend you use a weekend protocol of hcg to stave off testicular atrophy, which could make your recover a lot harder. You should expect to gain around 20-30 lbs provided you eat well from the cycle I just gave you. An even better Idea would be to get some testosterone propanate to use once you have taken your last enantate injection, This will clear your system much faster and allow you to keep your T levels very high closer to the end of your cycle.

Prisoner#22 is right on about taking D-Bol for 6 weeks. I have another cycle you may look at. Perhaps old school to some but great gains none the less.

Go ahead and do your frontload of Test, and wait until week 6 to add in the dbol.Run that through the remainder 6 weeks, tapper at the end if you wish. Watch the gains roll in. Yeah you will still technically be on a couples of weeks past tweleve but what the hell, you have already screwed with the hypogondal axis to late to worry over that. Finish off with your clomid or hcg or whatever you have planned for yourself. This might not be the current trend today but I know it will work and have witnessed many times with myself and others. Jab away

oh by the way, any reason you have your D-bol and Test amounts that high? I dont know your goals, but do you really need 50 mg ed of d-bol and 1000 a wk of test. Have you tried 25 ed D-bol and 300 mg of test every three days before? Just asking, you know your body better than anyone on the board, perhaps you cant get past where you are now with that dose? I dont know, but an 8 ounce glass only holds 8 ounces. Often times (myself included) we overdo the dose and get more sides than gains. You tell me bro, just asking


I injured my shoulder back in June and haven’t touched a weight since. This happened right at the end of a cycle and I was really depressed about it. I was 250, 10% b.f. @ 5’9".

I’m healthy now, I finally got my desire back, and this time I want to go further than I ever did before. My goal is to be 230, @ < 5% b.f. by June.

In terms of mass, after this cycle I want to be about 260, @ 10% b.f. and I don’t think that little-girl doses will do this for me. Right now I’m about 220 @ 15% b.f. but keep in mind that this is with zero training or attention to nutrition for the past 5 months (I’ve been eating a couple of meals a day, donuts, etc). My body responds very quickly to training, as I’ve been doing this now for 7 years (from age 18, to age 25 now). And, when I’m “in training,” I typically consume about 250g of good protein daily, with about 400g of quality carbs. And BTW, I train like a real T-Man (anybody else snort 50mg ephedrine HCL before a workout?)

Have u considerd a third drug as to keep the test itself a little lower and to possibly have the benefits of the third? I used to love the stack I mentioned as well as 400 mgs of deca a week. Maybe passe`? I dono, it worked then think it would work now. Tren seems to be the drug of choice on this board though. But if you cant grow like a weed on Superbloom with that combo then I dont know. Like I said b4 its your game, I would do the three drugs at lesser dosages of each. It may be something to try or not. Have you ever done that?

Or dependiing on how deep your pockets are add in some HGH. It would also help you in your pursuit of leaness

I personally like prisoners advise. I would however if I could figure out how to do it with adding tren in. With tren you could either follow P22 protocal or you could likely do something like 6 weeks dbol, 8 weeks test, 9 weeks tren tons of clomid and you’ll really gain well and your muscleature will improve immensely if your diet and training is in order. My experience with dbol though is that your gains will happen in the first four weeks. By the end of the 5-6 week you’ll be so beat up from cramping etc you will want to discontinue it regardless of necessity.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Spook.

Pumpdog brought up an good point… Your dosing is a little on the high side. When most people post, their dosing is on the lower end. from my own experience I think 50 mg of dbol a day is way too much. Spook is right on the money about 4 weeks with the dbol and the sides. I recommend with that in mind that you reduce your doses of both test and dbol, and add tren:
Keep in mind this is a very safe cycle which will reduce the sides but keep the gains through the roof -do some reading of articles and post at this site, you will find that long cycles (10 + weeks) are passe.

Week 1
1200mg test (with front)
350 mg of tren
dbol 25mg/day
(take ancillaries as you described)

Week 2
600mg test
350mg tren
dbol 25mg/day
hcg weekend protocol 250-500 i.u

Week 3
600mg test
350mg tren
dbol 25mg/day
hcg weekend protocol 250-500 i.u

Week 4
600 mg test-last shot of enantate mid wk
350 mg tren
dbol 25mg/day
hcg weekend protocol 250-500 i.u

This is where I think you have to choose
-whether you will continue dbol
-add test propinate or increase the dose of tren
-I personally would add propinate, and decrease dbol a little, maybe increase tren

Week 5
ed tren @ 100mg
optional-test prop @50mg eod
dbol 15 mg per day
hcg weekend protocol 250-500 i.u

Week 6
ed tren @ 100mg
optional-test prop @ 50mg eod
dbol @ 15 mg per day
hcg weekend protocol 250-500 i.u

Week 7

Mid week begin Clomid therapy and continue until fully recovered

This is the correct way to do a cycle!
1.long acting esters were frontloaded to begin acting quicker
2. cycle is only 6 weeks in length to minimise depth of suppression and maximize gains
3. All lengths of esters were taken into account, so that each drug should be eliminated from your system very close to the same time, which will allow you to begin true recovery from your cycle much quicker
4. Hcg is taken on a weekend protocol to stave off testicular atrophy, which is A huge factor in recovery
5. A shorter cycle means less sides, quicker recovery, and in addition to this, you will be able to go back on sooner.

Thanks for all the awesome advice, guys. I’ve got some pretty big decisions to make…

OK, here’s what I’ve decided:

Week 1:
2000 mg Test Enanthate
500 i.u. HCG weekend
1/2 mg liquidex e.d.

Week 2 - 6:
1000 mg Test Enanthate
500 i.u. HCG weekend
1/2 mg liquidex e.d.

Week 7 - 12
1000 mg Test Enanthate
25 mg D-Bol e.d.
500 i.u. HCG weekend
1/2 mg liquidex e.d.

…then post cycle recovery with some more HCG for 2 weeks, and some heavy clomid concurrently for 5 weeks. And oh yeah, I’m going to run a bridge with some E.Q. here also. Comments?

check out Steroids for health 2003 for using enantate or androgel to help you slowly recover your natural test production with minimal inhibition

I think if you have access to, use primo as a bridge instead of equipoise, it is less suppressive, and has a shorter halflife.
(steroids for health 2003)

bump what spook said. right on the money. by week 5 or 6 i am ready to give my dbol to anyone who will take it, from the lower back pain it gives me. its only purpose in my cycles is the first half as a great jumpstart. thats the only reason i tolerate the pain. i am on it at 50mgs right now. working great but in a few more weeks i will only need the sust/tren combo to continue my growth.