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D-bol Dosing

I remember reading a while back in a Dan Duchaine or similar article on Meso-Rx I think about d-bol and liver toxicity. It suggested that since only a certain amount of d-bol is metabolized when it passes through the liver, regardless of dose, that it would be better to take one or two large doses per day instead of very small doses split up.

Example: 50mg pre-workout instead of 10mg 5x/day. It was suggested that you would subject your liver to less overall stress and that more of the substance would be available to work on your muscles since less would be metabolized with a larger dose.

I’m thinking this might be complete shit, and if I don’t get a straight answer I’ll pull out the medical resources and check, but does anything think this is plausible?

And on a side note, if this is true could a person take 50mg twice per day and get the same liver stress as say 10mg 5x/day (same toxicity, double the dose–these numbers are arbitraty and just an example, i don’t know what the proposed decrease in liver toxicity would actually be). Thanks for the replies.

im curious about this as well…anyone know anything?? if you find any more information about this could you PM me about it? thanks

I’ve always believe one big dosage levels blood levels up and then down and then out in 6-9hours which dbol is. I only have and only will split dbol into a minimum of 3 dosages a day.

Im also a firm beliver of about 3 seperate doses per day.
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