d-bol dosages

I’m gonna stack d-bol w/ trenbolone- four weeks of d-bol and 8 wks of tren 1 1/2 cc ed. As for the d-bol i think i’m somewhat prone to gyno as it is and didn’t want to take too much. How about 3-4 tabs ed for four wks? by the way - i know about spreading the dosages evenly throughout the day - so 1 tab every 3 to 4 hours? I’ve got clomid on the way too - since i’m prone to gyno should i go w/ a higher dose of clomid than normal?
appreciate the help fellas

what dosage is your dbol?

the pink 5mg tabs - i figured prolly 4 ed - but still curious about how far apart i should space the dosing. and for clomid - give me some direction chief.


i would run at least 30mgs/ed of the dbol. 1 clomid tab a day should be fine. i would also add some test in there. at least 500mgs/wk. that would make a very nice cycle. oh and in that case add some arimadex as your anti-e

Isnt the clomid a post cycle ancilliary to get a suppressed system up and running again, thought suppression was inevitable after 2 wks use surely the clomid during is being wasted (like sweetalkin the missus when its her time of the month) might as well save it til the end of the cycle…beware all those who dont use sweet-talk for they may suffer the consequences.

sounds good but do i really need to get arimidex? shit’s freaking expensive man and work comes and goes around here - especially when it’s sub-contracted lol.

gray… clomid is an estrogen antagonist which simply put blocks the estrogen at the receptor. since dbol will convert to estrogen then it is essential to run an anti-e. such as clomid, nolvadex, or arimadex. with low levels of aromatisable gear(such as dbol only) then clomid is enough.
andy… if you add the test then i would strongly recomend adding the adex. it works very well.