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D-bol Dosage Timing

Most AAS users and books recommend that when using AAS protocols, it is best to maintain a steady plasma level rather than to have a lot of peaks and valleys. I can definitely understand the reasoning behind this. However, I have come across an interesting passage in Anabolics 2004.

It states that Bill Roberts claims that a single-episode dosing schedule should have a less dramatic impact on the HPTA, as there is sufficient period each day where steroid hormone levels are not extremely exaggerated. But Llewellyn goes on to state that there is doubt that a hormonal stability can be maintained during such a cycle.

Bill Llewellyn then points out that Dianabol has a half life of about 3-5 hours. You can either split your doses into 4-6 equal doses in order to maintain steady levels, or you have the option of taking the entire amount at one dose.

He explains that by taking the entire amount at one time, preferably in the morning before training, blood levels will peak at 1.5-3 hours. Taking the entire dose at 1.5-3 hours before training would probably allow the highest concentration in the blood during training. “This would also allow a considerable number of hours for an androgen rich metabolism to heighten the uptake of nutrients, especially the critical hours following training.”

I would also imagine that this would also heighten aggression in the gym, and may prevent a buildup of aggression as the day progresses.

Does anyone else agree with this reasoning? Fill me in on any experience and dosing schedule that you have with dianabol. Has anyone actually tried this kind of dose, or is much more common to see a split dosage throughout the day.

From my own experiences with D-bol I would not be able to take it in one big dose because of the delibating side effects. The dreaded back pump! So I split it into divided doses.

And most people feel in a better mood when doing d-bol. Workouts are more intense for sure but I wouldn’t say I ever felt more aggressive on d-bol.

I’ll have to agree with creed, i never felt more aggressive on d-bol. I read the same passage from Llewelyn, and i thought i would try to get the best of both worlds. so i was taking 12 5 mg tabs/day, i would take 6 in the morning (3 hours before a good sized meal) and 6 in the afternoon (about an hour and a half before training so that my post workout meal coincided with the half life of 3 hours) taking six at a time still gave my blood concentrations a pretty good spike, and doing that twice a day made it even better. when your on d-bol, you’re wasting your time worrying about the HPTA, it’s gonna get shut down anyway. this theory works if your’e taking 8 or more per day, but if you are taking less than that, i would time them so that the postworkout meal coincided with the 3 hour half life.
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