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D-bol, Deca, Test E Cycle


Here is what I am looking at running for my next bulking cycle.

D-bol 1-4 50mg/ed
Deca 1-10 400mg/w or 500mg/w
Test-E 1-12 1000mg/w
Anastrozole 1-12 .5mg/eod

Nolva 14-18 40/40/20/20mg/ed (PCT)

workout 5 nights a week
lifting hardcore for 6 years
this will be my third cycle

Any thoughts???????


Personally if it where me id frontload it, get in and get out quicker, its your 3rd cycle so you should know what your getting into. IMO you would enjoy the d-bol a little more as well, atleast for me it seems to work better in conjunction with injectables that are working....The only other thing would be something for prolactin, either prami or caber.


So I have not frontloaded before and would like to get some input on this please.


Have you ever used nandrolone before?

Actually that doesnt even matter, effects change as we age...

At your age, I cant imagine it's a good idea from a recovery standpoint. Why not something less harsh on the HPTA, like eq or masteron ?


I agree with Bonez. Too many stories about ppl with the infamous deca dick. Try 400-600mg of Boldenone (EQ) instead.

I will never use deca because:

1) will shut you down for a long period of time (I read a study about 100mg of deca shutting down own testosteron production for over 6 months...)

2) prolactin gyno

No thx

My suggestions:

1) run the dbol for maybe 6 weeks
2) switch deca for Bold or Mast
3) frontload injectables
4) get some HCG for better recovery (use from week 3-4 till day before you start PCT: 3x250iu/week). I'm also 32 and we don't recover as good anymore.

Good luck!


what about replacing the deca with some tren?


Here is my revised next cycle.

D-bol 1-4 50mg/ed
Eq 1-16 600mg/w
Test-E 1-16 1000mg/w
Anastrozole 1-16 .5mg/eod

Nolva 16-20 40/40/20/20mg/ed (PCT)

What are your thoughts on this.

Basically I replaced the Deca with Eq and added 4 weeks to the cycle length.


Looks heavy to me.

My first idea was to suggest front loading to decrease cycle duration, but that would mean you should inject 1500mg of Test E with your first inject of the week (e.g. Monday) and 500mg for every following (e.g. Thursday, Monday, Thursday,...)

If you really plan on cycling for 4 straight months, please follow our advice and get yourself some HCG.

Inject 3x250iu every week using insuline pins (inject in your belly fat). This will allow you to recover better after such a long cycle.

The EQ will give you more quality muscle than Deca with the dreaded deca dick.


If I cut the lenght down to 12 weeks would I still need to use the HCG?



Take the Test E for 12 weeks and the EQ for 11 (1 week less due to longer ester). It's a tad better but my point is that we ain't youngsters anymore (I'm 32 you are 35) and our HTPA just doesn't recover as well as before.

You can do without of course, but in my personal experience I don't crash when I've used HCG.

I recommend it, but it's not an obligation.

Good luck!


having trouble finding D-bol so Im going to front load with Test-E. This will be my first time front loading. Here is what I am thinking.

Test-E 750 1-12 EW (Front load @ 1500 first week)
EQ 400 1-10 EW
Anastrozole .5 1-12 EOD
Nolva 40/40/20/20 PCT

Thoughts on this stack?

Should I load the EQ also? Will pin on Mondays and Thursdays. How does the front load work? What should I pin on the first Monday and Thursday? Then do I drop to normal on The 2nd week?

Thanks for the help guys.