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D-bol Cycle


I've been reading T-Nation posts for a while now and enjoy reading them but, this is my first post. So I figured you guys could help me more than anyone with my question. I just order a D-bol cycle and am not for sure on how to take it and what to take with it? Any info for a newbie would be appreciated thanks guys! It's 100 pills please list experiences with side effects and all the good and bad stuff, please hold nothing back on the info!


hmmmmmmm.... wow... ummmmm... I don't know quite how to start this one... What the fuck is someone like you doing with steroids? You have no clue... I would suggest deleting this screenname, getting a new name and doing a hell of a lot more reading before posting such an asinine question.


Although I feel the first reply you received was a bit harsh, I must agree. You most likely have not done the necessary research one needs to complete before beginning a cycle of AAS. Obviously, if you're posting here, you have access to the vast resources of cyberspace. Use Google and do a search for Dianabol. I'm sure you'll find all of the information that you need. By the way, what strength are your tabs?


I agree with everyone else in that YOU need to research your own AAS/cycle and blueprint it yourself before you expect us to do it for you. Another thing we know nothing about you or your history and what it ultimatly comes down to is that we are not psychic. Come back when you have that info and maybe myself and others will be able to give you a hand.

Personal opinion : dbol is not for you and if you still insist on using it, don't use it for very long.

Maybe for a couple of weeks in the begining of your cycle while waiting for something else to kick in.



you ordered a drug without knowing how to use it, or what to expect? since Snipeout and the boys already chewed ya out, i'll give you the link to the steroid beginner thread, already qued up for d-bol info (scroll 3/4 the way down): http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=354419&pageNo=4


All right, I'll let the other guys clown you, and there is no doubt that they will indeed clown you because you sound less-than-intelligent about the subject at hand. However, I will throw some info out there for ya: Recently, I came off a short, 3 week d-bol cycle. I tapered down from 20mg/day (not much at all, really) to 10mg/day about half way through, and ran it simultaneously with injectable Primobolan (3 shots of 200mg, 3 shots of 100mg.) You'll find that most people run much more gear than that, but I enjoyed my short cycle and clearned it 8lbs heavier. Food for thought, man.


First of all snipeout I have read about it you little cock! That's why I asked for personal opinions and experiences about it, because you can only learn so much from internet articles written by doctors. So quit being a little bitch and if you know something spit it out! I've read about a hundred different ways to take and what to take it with. Just wanting some info from an experienced person, instead of a lab rat. Oh by the way snipeout I forgive you for your ignorance!


Hey bro, you got flamed a bit, don't be a dick about it's OK to be a bit humble.

I stuck my tow in the water w/Dbol and M1T after a few Mag 10 cycles, and I bloated up and had unberarable pain in my lower back when lifting or doing cardio and quickly ended that expierment and any association with Dbol. By the way, I was 41 before I ever saw a steroid.

If you've really read a lot, then you would know many AAS users, on this board especially, are not very high on Dbol only cycles....use the search function, there lterally 100's of dbol only post from a lot of vets.

Here's the slam on dbol only:

  • High aromatazation
  • Lots of water rentention
  • Unmaintainable gains
  • Rapid on set of gyno (for some)

There are a million 1st cycle examples out in cyberspace, complete w/post cycle plans, dosages, instruction on injection, where to get pins, etc,etc.

Since you ordered, hopefully you have some AI's or Nolva on hand?


ok, personally i'm tired of these type of posts/questions. if you truly have been reading up here, then you would know your question is chock full of ignorance. you "ordered" 100 d-bol tabs and don't know how to take them or what to stack them with??!!! come on man. how difficult is it to use the search engine on here or any other friggin board and find threads about d-bol, d-bol only cyles and the like???!!! how hard is it to read the newbie thread, or look at past posts to find references and links to other articles for newbies and experienced users alike. fuck! i feel like i'm taking crazy pills! if you took the time to do this in the first place, you would have your answers, from other people's personal experiences, and wouldn't be wasting our time with this shit.


agree with juice and snipeout..


Dude, I don't think you could cycle vitamins, are you sure you are ready for steroids?