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D-Bol Capsules, 20mg


So I am doing a cycle of Test E 600mg/w and D-BOL

the D-bol was won via an online auction, they're 20mg capsules

I was on the D-bol for 2 weeks, first 4 days were 20mg ED then I didnt feel anything so I bumped the follows week and half to 40mg ED... I didnt feel any strength gains, no back pumps, nothing.

Do you think even at 40mg ED I should've noticed something? I had never done a methylated Oral before in conjuction with my Test.. I know the test takes 3 wks to aromatize and become effective, shouldn't i have felt the Dbol within the first 2, 3 days? or even the first workout?

My diet was clean, eating almost 4000 calories, i'm 5'7" 185...

do you think there is a chance i was fooled on the Dbol capsules? I got my test from another source and have used it in the past, and it has done the job.

Thanks for your future input


Sounds like you got bamboozled. Did you get it on Ebay? If you did I have nothing further to say. User experience varies greatly and test doesn't take 3 weeks to aromatize. Wait till Bonez posts. He'll fix your wagon real good...cough, clears throat I mean he'll help you out.


Definitely sounds sketchy. Imo you were ripped off.


You should really know ur on dbol after 2 weeks if its real dbol

ive also never heard of anyone winning dbol in an online auction


I think that yes no effects probably = ripped off. Do you have a slow metabolism? I only ask because you're taking test and dbol so I'm guessing you're looking to bulk. I was eating over 4000 cals when bulking at 20lbs. less than you, so part of your overall problem might be not enough food. Just my two cents.


This is already sounding bad.. first, 'D-BOL' then 'Online Auction'.. :confused:

Firstly, 20mg was a low dose to begin with for anyone, and 4 days isnt enough to get much from anything at all.. I personally do NOT feel dbol in 4 days. I rarely feel it in two weeks TBH.. but that would be about it - 2-3 weeks + and i know i am using it.
As for Back pumps, not everyone suffers these - what is the obsession with looking for negative sides to assess the quality of a drug?!

Test does NOT take 3 weeks to aromatize. it aromatises as it is released into the blood according to the ester that is attached and its elimination life. It aromatizes immediately at one degree or another, i think you mean that Test E will take OVER 3 weeks to build peak levels, where sides will be at their peak, as will gains.

As for the effects of the product you took - assuming it is dianabol (which IMO it probably is not) different people react in different ways to different drugs.
I for one feel dianabol in the third week, i do not get back pumps, and strength is not increased until then (when water has accumulated enough to increase the muscle cross-sectional area).
Others feel it within the first week, suffer crippling back pumps and all the things you were looking for... you see where i am coming from?

I think it is almost certain you 'got fooled' on the caps. You bidded for them in a legal online auction for god's sake man. You also live in the US.

Post a picture of the bottle they came in, and if they look real to us, then keep using them as you may get the results you want eventually.
If they are not real, or you think they are really shit - throw them and use your test alone. At your development, Test alone will be just fine.



The effects of good dbol cannot be missed. You were definitely swindled. Online auction?? How reliable is that?


Lol I'm a little late to this one. Just sounds like an unfortunate scam situation coupled with a slighlty miseducated user. Nothing worthy of a good ol wagon fix...


I do not get back pumps at all with d-bol

I do get calf pumps from AAS in general but thats from work load and not the drugs.

20mg is low but 40mg is a decent dose imo and I dont feel it in 4 days either takes me about a week or so to feel it, but I know I am feeling it when I am taking it.

online auction, look they are selling illegal substances on a legal auction site that right there is a huge huge red flag.


Honestly sounds like some the DEA would do to bust people. Very lucky that all you got was sugar pills if it is indeed fake Dbol as seems likely. I'd write it off to a much needed learning experience and look for more discreet sources.


Well that'd be entrapment - not to mention the United States Drug Enforcement Agency are unlikely to set up a 'sting' targeting people who buy 100 diannyballs.. what a waste of time and tax payers money that would be.

However, it is highly likely that some young twat has sold a few bottles of sugar pills for a profit to pricks who dont know their balls from thier pituitary...


If you got it from an online auction, then that makes the gear questionable. Nobody can legally buy gear from ebay or other auction sites. Unless it's an auction site that trades illegal things...but then I don't even know if those exist.


If you got it from an online auction, then that makes the gear questionable. Nobody can legally buy gear from ebay or other auction sites. Unless it's an auction site that trades illegal things...but then I don't even know if those exist.


Is there a parrot in the room?


Strangely enough, i have - but it was a risk that paid off.



have you also bought gear from an online auction ?


I have. Mine was real and good.. just 200 10mg dianabol.



Ok i read them all and everything makes sense...

i personally did not buy them off the auction, a guy did..but it was not a formal auction site like "ebay" that would be stupid.. i'm not sure exactly how it was set up..but people would just reply with what they were willing and i guess "my guy" was the highest bidder of sugar pills.

i explained to him that i did not feel anything from it, so being the nice guy that he was, offered to take them back and exchange for something else that will make up for this bad transaction.

thanks for not making me feel too stupid. i may not post often, but i read up religiously.