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D-BOL at End of Cycle?


What are your thoughts on running D-Bol during the 2 week window before starting your PCT to keep your Test. levels high, as at this point of the cycle your body is completely shutdown and you are no longer "feeding" yourself exogenous Test.

example cycle:

Wk: 1-4 Dbol 30-50mg / ED
Wk: 1-12: Test-E 500mg / wk.
Wk: 12-14:?? dbol 30-50mg / Ed ??
Wk: 15-20: PCT

..anyone have experience with running cycles of this sort?


im a dbol dude for life... dbol works great for me, i have no sides from it even at high doses and my bloodwork showed good liver stats after many years of dbolin on almost every cycle.

hard to gues what would be right in your case, but if id be planning this kind of cycle i would do like you wrote OR would drop test 1 week early and start dbol on wk 11-13, and leave 1 week clean before pct, althou - dbol clears is 8 hours or so, so its not necessary in my opinion.


Might not be the best idea, since it increases estrogen, and you are supposed taper down your AI, so that might leave you with high(ish) estrogen which could make the PCT more difficult. I know someone who uses winstrol as you want to use dbol. He also uses a fairly high dose, around 90mg if I remember correctly.


could also switch to prop for the last 2 weeks. keeps levels high and you'll only need a 3 day break before pct starts.


Do you think the extra Dbol at the end of cycle would be beneficial enough to go ahead and run it? Or you think just keep it simple and scratch the entire idea?


i think that dbol at the end at that point and leght of the cycle would be just more for extra maintaince of water-weight and some strenght before you start your PCT...
is there a real benefit in musclegain? i dont think so, but that could give some nice psychological/placebo effect on ability to keep more weight and strenght...


it would be beneficial yes..

your myostatin increases at week 8, it is advisable to either add another compound or up your doses


Mr. Walkway I've heard you going on about myostatin a lot lately and I am in the dark.

Any chance of enlightening a layman?


myostatin is the gene that controls/limits muscle growth, we are meant to survive, not be beautiful... so this gene keeps us from getting bigger than we "need" to be to survive in nature.

there was a study done (on humans, using testosterone) that myostatin expression increased substantially after 56 days of administration in response to the drug.

by adding another compound, or increasing the dose of compounds that are already being used, you can circumvent, in a way (for a time), the increase in myostatin expression.

this is why guys blast for 8 weeks, and then cruise for 2 (the slingshot method). it is believed that 2 weeks is enough time to allow myostatin expression to return to normal levels.

it is for this reason that "oral kickstarts" and "frontloading" are nonsensical if the cycles are to last more than 8 weeks.. employing these methods simply desensitize your body to higher doses more quickly, as myostatin expression increase should somewhat correlate with your dose if I recall correctly.

it would be far more effective to begin using the orals after 8 weeks, or up the dose instead of front loading after 8 weeks.


Walkway, from your experience and knowledge your saying you wouldn't recommend front loading at all? even with a for a first time user ( which is me, and im just trying to find out the best way to go about my cycle) You would rather see an uppage of dosage / addition of another compound towards the end of a cycle similar to the one listed above?

thanks man.


Wow thanks for the response I expected to get flamed for not researching it myself. You are, once again, a fountain of knowledge.

That's interesting and it explains the drop off in gains I've seen reported from a lot of 10+ week cycles after a while.

Was the study done using supraphysiological levels of test? I thought such studies weren't permitted/recognised by anyone..?


supraphysiogical yes, it was before the whole "steroids are evil" era

I mean, they did that study on all those men giving one group 300mg/week and another 600mg/week, that's a pretty famous study


damn myostatin.