D-bol as a Taper?

just about to start a first proper cycle (after getting counterfit gear the last two times), i’ve actually found a decent source, i hope. anyway cycle is as follows

test-e 250mg e3d week 1-12
d-bol 40mg e3d week 1-4
nolva from week 14 40/40/20/20

the only thing i was thinking was i’ve heard D-bol doesnt suppress natural test horiffically and whilst running a heavy pct can be used at a low dosage i.e 10mg/day to help keep gains, anyone got any ideas on this?

plus i was thinking about getting some HCG to use through out cycle to help but am not sure on proper dosage or how to include it any help would be great

soory iv also got armidex on hand for cycle

D-bol may not suppress a healthy HPTA but this does not mean it will not prevent a HPTA that is shut down from restarting

250iu of HCG 3 times a week should be satisfactory

x2 for Mr. Cymru.

69- You are right in that 10mg (of Dbol) dosed after the highest natural release of endo T has been released is minimally suppressive (it is suppressive, but only to a small degree).

However if you are currently inhibited, then that small amount of suppression may be just enough to prevent recovery - or at LEAST is likely to prolong the process.

What i would do with your cycle is this:

Wk1-10 Test E 700mg/wk (300mg E3D) w/600mg FL)
Wk1-4 Dbol 35mg
Wk8-12 Dbol 35mg
Wk13-16 SERM PCT

You should have enough gear to do this.

You wrote that the Dbol is dosed E3D - i will assume that to be a typo, and that you are dosing it multiple times a day?


yeah sorry typo-o, gonna do 40mg a week

if i do
test e @250mgs/ e3d week 1-12
d-bol @40mgs/ ed week 1-4 and 10-14
nolva 2 weeks after test 40/40/20/20

how would i icorporate HCG both during and after the cycle???

250iu EOD during.

250iu x2 Wk11
150iu x2 Wk12

None after that.

can HCG be mixed in small doses then immediately used? Icant really get my hands on a fridge without the kids asking questions. Is it possible to mix 250iu’s and inject there and then or mix a higher dose say 500iu’s and inject weekly? rather than not a all??

HCG comes as a lyophilized peptide (extremely delicate powder like substance) in a glass amp, then the solvent comes in a separate amp.

It is most commonly sold in 1500iu and 2500iu amounts.

So - no, you can’t.

I used to have a miniature fridge, really small, only big enough to hold 6 cans of soda. It would be perfect for your needs. No idea who makes it but I think I bought it at Target. It stayed really cold too.