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d-bol and winstrol

I just read a sample cylce from a very reputable source that suggested taking winny for six weeks along with d-bol and nolvadex daily. Does this have any value? Aren’t the d-bol and winny both 17-aa steriods?

Yes and in addition they are both primarily anabolic, not androgenic… bad stack.

good stack if you add a class one like tren, primo, eq, or deca, and a pinch of test.
From what I read Winstrol is the only drug which targets the microsomal AR (steroids for health updated version) So get a good class one to go with your stack

My first cycle was dbol 5 50mgs ed 5 weeks- winny 50mgs ed 7weeks and tren applied topically for 10 weeks. I grew bigtime. Probably not a great idea to do it every cycle but I don’t seem to be any worse for the wear, that was 2 years ago…

You won’t do damage in 6 weeks.

Actually, this would be a pretty good oral only cycle as i’ve mixed the two before. Yes they are both alkylated but your total dosage of both determines liver stress and side effects. IF…and let me stress IF I was to do an oral only cycle it would be these two. Add tren ED and damn, Im talking some mean mean pumps like no other. I actually wrote about this combo a year or two ago and look forward to using this combo again in spring.


How much Tren would you recommend?

That was my first cycle. 80mg dianabol ED, 50mg winstrol ED. Put on 20lbs in 5 weeks (only kept 12). I don’t really subscribe to the 2 different class androgens theory, so no objections to the combination from that perspective. Winnie is supposed to lower SHBG levels significantly, making your dbol go further - I think winnie can be included in any stack. Its the combo I’ll be doing on my next cycle. Though, with the effects of 17aa on cholesterol levels, I do wonder its doing to my ticker…

I would reccomend 75-100mgs of Tren ED. Depends on if you’re taking homebrew Tren or bought as Mg/ml’s differ. With the orals, I would not exceed 100mgs total ED. So it would be 50mgs Dbol ED and Winstrol 50mgs ED. These dosages would be for someone more aggressive and not exceeding 4-5 weeks at 100mgs of orals ED just for precaution. The average user would do a 30/30 combo of the two with Tren ED if wanted. You could run that 6-8 weeks. And lets not forget clomid on this stack as this is one very androgenic stack, but oh so worth it.

Tren-freak, just wondering about your comment re tren eod or ed in regards to home brewed or bought. what is the difference and what are your recomendations?

My guess is his statements regarding the tren are not related to the frequency of injection. But to the dosaging. I think its pretty well established that tren is a better drug to use ed rather then eod…

Thanks for clearing that up for me Spook as I did not make it very clear. Whether it’s HB or brand name, Tren should be taken ED for the best results.

How much Tren everyday, Tren? Wow, that’s redundant. 75mg?

If its the first cycle 50mgs ed might be ok. Usually speaking 75 is the comman dose. I personally like 100mgs. ed.

For an all oral stack how would Mag-10 and RSOC Turinabol? Maybe some Winny thrown in to boot?

why mix prohormones and steroids? stick to one or the other.