d-bol and winny tabs

Can anyone be of help? i see alot of ads for winny-v and d-bol tabs. is this legit stuff or would i be wasting my money? if its legit anyone with experience using it? thanks dudes.

wh at do you mean you see a lot of “ads?”

back of muscle mags, on the internet [sdi labs]. someone must have seen this somewhere. just want to make an informed choice so i dont blow money on crap.

SDI labs…don’t go near it

Gosh, if only those bastards at T-mag would write an investigative article on this topic! It would probably look like this:

SDI labs is bullshit. If you want real gear
type in a search. Alot of of site from europe find one never send more than $100.00
at a time it is risky but some deliver. Mailing
can take 7 21days. Just read up getting the

thanks guys! some real good advise. but no one has mentioned if they have used the tabs instead of injecting all the time and if they have what were the results?

ok let me spell this out as simple as possible, all the stuff you are reading about is fake, they are knock offs of the name, NOT THE REAL THING!! no one here would even attempt to use them.

You obviously have some homework to do. Type “Steroid Newbie Thread” into the search engine and read it.